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Image from the Hackathon closing ceremonies

A Recap of Spare's 2023 Fall Hackathon

In this blog, we recap the highlights of Spare's October Hackathon in Vancouver. From a team-wide road test to cross-functional collaboration, discover how this event reinforced our collaborative team culture and resulted in impactful enhancements to the Spare platform.

Cost reductions with open fleets features like fleet prioritization, wait time threshold, etc.

4 Sustainable Ways to Control Costs using Open Fleets

Maximizing transit capacity with Open Fleets shouldn’t come at the expense of rising costs. Adapt your dispatch rules by considering fleet priorities, wait time thresholds, fare sharing models, and fleet limits when seamlessly integrating third-party fleets into your service today.

Giving dispatchers superpowers image

Dispatchers: The Unsung Heroes of Paratransit and Microtransit Operations

The high-stakes world of transit dispatch teams is a constant game of give-and-take and decisions made on the fly directly affect the microtransit and ADA paratransit services riders receive. Here’s how Spare is building tools that give dispatchers superpowers to make their day-to-day less stressful and more efficient.

text: Q3 Engagement Survey Results, image: Spare employees giving a presentation

2023 Q3 Engagement Survey Results

We share the results of Spare's Q3 2023 engagement survey. Find out why Spartians are proud to work at Spare, the top scores in employee satisfaction, and areas for improvement. Learn how Spare addresses concerns through their accountability model and encourages individual ownership.

Interview with Stacy Forte, Director of Administration and Compliance, GATRA

From Traditional to On-Demand: GATRA's Evolution in Transit

In this interview, I sat down with Stacy Forte, Director of Administration and Compliance, from the Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) based in Massachusetts. Through its fixed-route, GATRA GO microtransit services, and paratransit services, GATRA plays a pivotal role in connecting the cities of Attleboro, Taunton and many towns in the community to neighboring city, Boston. Stacy shares how the GATRA GO services have evolved since first partnering with Spare in 2020.

Navigating the Future of Paratransit: Insights from an ADA Paratransit Expert on Modernization and Accessibility

Navigating the Future of Paratransit: Insights from an ADA Paratransit Expert on Modernization and Accessibility

In an exclusive interview, I sat down with Ben Schutzman, an ADA paratransit expert and former Chief of Paratransit Services at MBTA. With his extensive background as an experienced executive, entrepreneur, and management consultant, Ben has successfully utilized technology, analytics, and innovation to build and transform organizations, particularly in accessible transportation.

Levelling the transit playing field image

Levelling the transit playing field: The game-changing impact of demand-responsive transportation

Transportation equity is top of the agenda for many public transit agencies. For decades, a variety of marginalized populations have had limited access to reliable and affordable transportation options, but today, innovative uses of data and technology are starting to level the playing field. Demand-responsive transportation (DRT) – Spare’s bread and butter – is a key part of the story.

Spare ride-along with PSTA

Spare's Unique Approach to Innovation: Customer-Centric Hackathons

At Spare, we pride ourselves on a culture of innovation, collaboration, and a deep commitment to understanding our customers' needs. This has led us to embrace an immersive strategy that puts us right at the heart of the day-to-day challenges at transit agencies: enter the Customer Hackathon.