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Provide exceptional paratransit

Efficient on-demand transportation for those that need personalized service.

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    Provide exceptional paratransit

    Powering the world’s leading transportation companies and transit agencies

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    Focus on servicing your riders

    Focus on providing a high-quality service to your riders, while our intuitive platform does all the scheduling, dispatching and trip planning.

    Lower your cost-per-trip

    Streamline operations to reduce costs with our flexible service delivery model that efficiently manages your entire network

    Enhance rider experience

    Delight your riders with reliable, fast and convenient trips, easily managed on their own at their convenience.

    Improve paratransit eligibility process

    Digitize your processes, centralize customer information and create individualized, needs-based services for your riders.

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    Multiple services, multiple fleets

    Commingle all your demand-responsive services and dispatch trips to a network of service providers, including your fleet and Lyft.

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    Dynamic driver manifests

    Easily add and modify trips to real-time driver manifests with our continuous optimization, modifiable trip requests and overridable service constraints.

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    Offer rider-friendly booking options

    Empower your riders to book and manage trips on their own conveniently through our apps and web interfaces.

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    Resources for you to run more successful mobility services