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Truckee's approach to Commingled Services for Accessible Transportation in California

On May 1st, the Town Of Truckee launched a new blend of Spare-powered microtransit and paratransit services in the Lake Tahoe region of California. Their new user-friendly software allows them to effectively handle recurring trips and provide convenient services to all people, including those with disabilities.

Fathima Tabassim

We're excited to share that the Truckee TART Dial-a-Ride and Placer County ADA services have successfully launched on May 1st, marking a step forward for transportation accessibility in Truckee, California, USA. Through these new tailored services, the Town of Truckee ensures that everyone can get around town easily and comfortably.

The introduction of this new service, powered by Spare's technology, has made transit more appealing to people, including offering free trips to those with disabilities. Riders now have greater visibility into their on-demand trips and can schedule them with ease, thanks to a more user-friendly system.

While recurring trips have always been a common and essential aspect of Truckee’s service, the manual nature of dispatching on their previous system made it challenging to efficiently manage these trips and provide optimal service to riders. With Spare's advanced technology, Truckee now benefits from a more streamlined system that can handle recurring trips more efficiently, ensuring that riders receive consistent and reliable transportation day in and day out.

What's particularly noteworthy about this small but mighty two-vehicle service is its blend of ADA paratransit and microtransit options. By providing commingled services on TART Dial a Ride, and paratransit services on Placer County ADA, Truckee can cater to different rider needs effectively across different regions, making sure no one is left behind and that convenient and inclusive transportation can be easily accessed by all.

Truckee now joins a variety of agencies operating in and around the Lake Tahoe and Placer County regions powered by Spare, including Placer County, Roseville, and TNT/TMA. Each addition reinforces our dedication to serving communities with innovative mobility solutions, always with a focus on inclusivity and accessibility.

Congratulations to Truckee on their new launch! We're excited to continue supporting Truckee in their journey towards a more inclusive and accessible transportation system.