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Unveiling Spare’s Guiding Principles: Customer Obsession

Welcome to Part 6, our final blog, in our blog series “Unveiling Spare’s Guiding Principles”. In this week's edition, we take a look into our ‘Customer Obsession’ principle. Each blog dives into one of our guiding principles—Take Ownership, Growth Mindset, Execute with Urgency, Drive Results, No Assholes, and Customer Obsession— exploring what they mean to us, how they shape our culture, and the impact they have on our daily operations.

Shelby Perera

What does ‘Customer Obsession’ mean?

At its core, ‘Customer Obsession’ is about prioritizing the needs of our customers above all else, questioning every decision with a simple, yet powerful question: “Does this drive customer success?”. Organizations that place the success and satisfaction of their customers at the heart of what they do, understands that their customers’ success is intrinsically linked to their own.

Why does this principle matter?

With customer needs constantly evolving, it becomes a necessity for organizations to remain innovative and adaptable. Organizations that fully embrace this principle are able to position themselves as leaders in the industry as they continuously strive to exceed customer expectations. Most of the successful businesses around us make it the norm to go beyond their comfort zone; they intentionally and meticulously focus on their customers. However, it’s not just about meeting our customers’ needs, it’s about anticipating them, exceeding their expectations, and delivering unparalleled value that sets us apart from our competition.

“Bex worked incredibly hard to get the latest version of the Driver App released, and she quickly jumped in to solve issues when there were bumps in the road. She sent a message to the customer team ahead of the Easter long weekend with a couple of options and wanted to understand what solution would minimize customer impact the most from the Customer Team's point of view. The option required her checking on the release over the holiday, which she did without hesitation. I really appreciate Bex's quick responses and eagerness to support our customers, even over a holiday!”

- Emma Fricker (Manager, Partner Success) acknowledging Rebecca (Bex) Chin (Senior Software Developer)

‘Customer Obsession’ at Spare

At Spare, customer obsession is evident in every interaction, every decision, and every initiative we undertake. From our product development process to our customer support teams, we prioritize the success and satisfaction of our customers above all else. We believe that true customer empathy is immersing ourselves in their world, gaining insight into their pain points and aspirations.

I brought Sean on to the CCT account and he's quickly taken ownership at tackling their requests and feedback. I've been impressed with his organization and ability to execute with little direction. I'm looking forward to backing away from this account and leaving it in his, Leo's, and the new Operations Managers' hands.”

- Quinn Kilman (VP, Customer) acknowledging Sean Helgason (Customer Success Manager)

In having ‘customer obsession’ as one of our guiding principles, it encourages our employees, including those who are not in customer facing roles, to reflect on how their contributions affect the ultimate customer experience. In doing so, we deepen our trust and overall relationship with our customers, and our customers' success makes us successful.