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Get your students home, safe

Support the safety and wellbeing of our students with on-demand rides powered by Spare's mobility management platform.

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    Safe rides

    Manage fluctuating demand efficiently

    Personalize your services to where and when demand spikes and smooth them out with efficient stop, route, and zone designs.

    Operate at a low cost

    Make travel affordable for students by using third-party fleets and commingled services available on our platform.

    Redefine what safe rides mean

    Provide students with a reliable, fast, and private ride experience and have an overview of every single trip.

    Enable independent booking

    Empower students to book and manage trips on their own through easy-to-use apps and web interfaces.


    Give your dispatchers superpowers

    Get a birds-eye-view of your entire on-demand operation, including trips, fleets, ride schedules and operational metrics important to you — all in a single platform.

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    dispatcher hero

    Offer reliable ride services

    Expand the quality of your services by dispatching any trips on our partner network with Lyft.

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    Lyft integration

    Simple implementation, easily modified

    Build and optimize your services based on real-time and historical data insights on demand and usage.

    Easy implementations

    Now, I can book RamRide through an app and receive a safe, convenient and cheap ride home every night I am out, even in the late hours. This has really changed how I study and spend my leisure time.


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    Max Stevenson

    Student of Colorado State University