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An open ecosystem to strengthen public transit systems

Open Fleets is our unique, proprietary software infrastructure designed to connect trip demand to any fleet provider that you use. Our advanced features and Open API make it easy and quick to unify multiple fleets, regardless of who is operating them, from a single platform in a way that no other provider can.

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    an industry first

    A feature-rich platform

    Scheduling and dispatch

    Complete reservation, scheduling and automated dispatch management.

    Accept or reject

    Dispatch trips to third-party fleets through an accept or reject model.

    All of the same functionality

    Manage third-party fleets the same way you would manage dedicated fleets.

    Unify your fleets

    Unify dedicated and non-dedicated service providers on a single platform.

    Live tracking

    Get full visibility into the live status of each trip as a dispatcher or rider.

    Productive fleet usage

    Optimize the usage of non-dedicated service providers based on your goals and rider needs.

    Birds eye view

    View trip status, vehicle lateness, on-time performance and more in a live view.

    Streamlined reporting

    Consolidate reporting for each fleet, including non-dedicated fleets, in a single platform.

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    Open Fleets benefits

    Your service, your choice

    Choose the most optimal fleet provider based on criteria important to you or optimize usage of dedicated vs. non-dedicated fleets based on your business goals and rider needs. After all, you know your riders and service best.

    Curb driver shortages

    Fortify your services from the nation-wide challenge of driver shortages by supplementing your dedicated fleets with non-dedicated service providers already available in your community.

    Lower cost-per-trip

    Operate your trips with a closer eye on your bottom line. Use dedicated fleets where it makes sense and dispatch other trips to taxis or TNCs in your region, on-demand to reduce costs.

    Dynamically increase capacity

    Expand service coverage, manage supply during peak periods, optimize the usage of your WAV vehicles, or offer overflow service to meet same-day demand. The use cases are limitless: Open Fleets was built to be flexible and scalable.

    Offer a better passenger experience

    Present to riders a service with less wait times and more spontaneity–bringing autonomy back in their lives at a fraction of the cost.

    Maximum control & visibility

    Dispatch, cancel and have full visibility into the live status of each trip, regardless of which provider, all from a single platform.

    By the numbers

    Access a large network of fleets

    Access a large network of fleets

    In North America, 80% of all bookable vehicles are available on Spare through Open Fleets.

    50% less

    Reduces operating costs

    Open Fleets dramatically reduces the operating costs of microtransit and paratransit services. For many agencies this represents greater than 50% in savings.

    200% ridership increase

    Increased rider capacity

    With increased capacity through Spare’s Open Fleets technology, some agencies have seen a 200% increase in ridership.

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    The ridership growth numbers are astronomical, which really underscores the need for accessible transportation in our area. The City of McKinney is always on the lookout for an innovative solution, and the Spare platform certainly fits the brief.

    Akia Pichon

    Transit Administrator, City of McKinney

    Trusted by innovative transit agencies and universities

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    Built to power open transit ecosystems

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    For Paratransit

    Leverage intelligent trip brokering and trip allocation to best optimize between your dedicated and non-dedicated service providers.

    micro transit vehicles

    For Microtransit

    Fill service gaps like first-mile-last-mile areas near transit hubs or employment areas with additional capacity.

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