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Take charge of your transit planning

Unlock the full potential of microtransit with an intuitive simulation tool that empowers you to make confident, data-backed decisions about your system’s future.

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Spare Realize

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Spare Realize is an intuitive transportation planning tool that allows you to simulate multiple microtransit scenarios using data. See it in action.

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Explore different scenarios

Evaluate how microtransit complements other modes like fixed-route in just a few clicks.

Save time and money

Simulate an unlimited number of microtransit service configurations without deploying a single driver or vehicle.

Get executive buy-in

Encourage data-driven decision-making by easily communicating findings to team members and other stakeholders.

Detailed data layers

Combine multiple datasets to produce meaningful visualizations that illustrate the potential of different microtransit scenarios.

Quick prototyping

Test out new service zones and configurations in a flash and proceed with confidence.

Consolidated planning

Collaborate and communicate with team members and other stakeholders in a single environment.

A feature-rich platform

Demand predictions

Generate an estimate on the number of daily trips to understand your service’s potential.

Actionable insights

Predict the KPIs and ROIs of a new microtransit service.

Productivity estimates

Predict operational metrics like the expected pooling ratio and required duties.

Realistic trip estimates

Find out when trips are likely to take place, as well as their origin and destination.

Actionable simulations

Export your service zones to Spare Launch and deploy it in just a few clicks.

Business cases

Determine the financial, social and environmental benefits of your service.

Michael J. Davis

“When we looked to replace our underperforming paratransit software, we were impressed by Spare's innovative approach. Spare's software is more user friendly than other solutions and reduces or eliminates many manual processes.”

Michael J. Davis

Transit Manager, StarTran

Chris Mandrell

"We’re thrilled with the service we’re providing here. And at the end of the day, it’s extremely easy to get the service started. We signed a contract and three weeks later we were operating."

Chris Mandrell

General Manager, Citibus

DART logo

“DART implemented Spare Platform into our multimodal app and we now provide first-mile/last-mile connections to transit hubs in one of the largest on-demand microtransit operations in the world.”

Gary Thomas

Former CEO, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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