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Unveiling Spare’s Guiding Principles: Execute with Urgency

Welcome to Part 3 of our blog series “Unveiling Spare’s Guiding Principles”. In this week's edition, we take a look into our ‘Execute with Urgency’ principle. Each blog dives into one of our guiding principles—Take Ownership, Growth Mindset, Execute with Urgency, Drive Results, No Assholes, and Customer-Obsession— exploring what they mean to us, how they shape our culture, and the impact they have on our daily operations.

Shelby Perera

What does Execute with Urgency mean?

At its core, ‘Execute with Urgency’ is about taking swift and decisive action to drive projects forward. It’s not about moving quickly for the sake of it— it's about prioritizing tasks, meeting deadlines, making swift decisions and taking calculated actions to drive progress. When we exemplify this principle, we ask ourselves, "Why not now?" and act accordingly. By embracing urgency, we create a sense of momentum that keeps us focused, motivated and on track to achieving our goals.

Why does this principle matter?

In today’s fast paced world, the ability to execute with urgency has become a necessity for success. It allows us to capitalize on opportunities, adapt to changing market conditions, and stay ahead of the game. By operating with a sense of urgency, we are able to maximize our impact, deliver results faster and create more value for our customers and stakeholders.

We are all familiar with the saying “Every moment counts”. At Spare, we live and breathe this motto, recognizing that the key to success lies in our ability to seize these opportunities and execute with purpose. In doing so, we show up for ourselves, our coworkers, our partners and our customers.

" Edward really stepped up this weekend and jumped on a plane within hours of me calling him to come to Tulsa and help host our Happy Hour that we were co-hosting with Uber. After our entire event team had flight delays, making it impossible for them to get here in time for the social, Edward immediately came to help network and work the room. We had our biggest turn out yet, with 67 attendees! Without Edward, we would not have been able to have the positive impact we did."

- Brianna Kubleck (Event Marketing Manager) acknowledging Edward Howard (Account Executive)

‘Execute with Urgency’ at Spare

By embracing this guiding principle at Spare, we empower ourselves and our teams to drive forward decisively. We believe in prioritizing action over deliberation, and results over process. We foster a culture of speed and agility, where decisions are made swiftly and confidently.

"HUGE acorns to Bryce for his work on getting out the new UAT environment. This has been so impactful for enabling sales demos and unblocking the motion team. He worked with unbelievable urgency to ship out this complex feature under a tight timeline. Amazing work!"

- Caitlin Hutnyk (Team Lead, Software Development) acknowledging Bryce McLachlan (Intermediate Software Developer II)

Whether it’s launching a new service, implementing a strategic initiative, or responding to customer needs, we act with urgency to drive meaningful change and achieve our goals. By embodying this principle, we not only drive progress but also inspire others to do the same, fostering a culture of accountability and initiative.