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Empower and delight drivers

An intuitive and easy-to-use app that provides your drivers with a worry-free and effortless work environment.

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    Spare Driver

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    Delight your drivers

    Keep drivers in the loop and help them better manage their day-to-day with a device-agnostic app.


    Reduce costs and save time

    Optimize driver itineraries through efficient routing and passenger pooling based on demand.


    Improve driver workflows

    Notify drivers in real-time of new bookings and cancellations to reduce complexities around last-minute changes.

    Service-focused drivers

    Streamline a driver’s trip management workload and admin duties so they can concentrate on the rider experience.

    Service focused

    Efficient routing

    Provide up-to-the-minute routing and clear navigation that optimizes miles traveled.

    Efficient routing

    Geo-enabled prompts

    Reduce human error by sending prompt reminders that ensure drivers don’t accidentally cancel or skip a matched booking.


    A feature-rich app

    Precise directions

    Provide automated, turn-by-turn navigation that takes traffic data into account.

    Detailed itinerary

    Display the upcoming trip and route information automatically.

    Flag down capability

    Allow riders to flag down in-service vehicles and re-optimize the route.

    Real-time adjustments

    Send alerts with new ETAs, navigation and updated pick-up information.

    Driver nudging

    Prompt drivers throughout their trip to take action like confirming rider drop-off.


    Sync up Spare Driver with Spare’s operational and analytics platforms.

    Spare and CapMetro teams on Launch Day

    The collaboration with Spare is reimagining how we serve our ADA paratransit riders. We're proud that this innovation will address the current and future requirements of Austin's paratransit community, laying the groundwork for further enhancements."

    Chad Ballentine

    Former VP of Demand Response and Innovative Mobility, CapMetro

    Chris Mandrell

    Our partnership with Spare has boosted operational metrics like on-time performance by 20% since we switched over from our legacy system while ridership has skyrocketed. The ability to access real-time data on our KPI dashboard, and derive meaningful insights out of the Mission Control module has been game changing for making operational decisions."

    Chris Mandrell

    General Manager, Citibus

    Bonnie Epstein

    Spare represents a leap forward in user experience for PSTA. Its clean design makes it easy and intuitive to use. PSTA staff have full visibility into the live status of nearly all of the trips running, which makes it easy to monitor service and address issues as they arise. The app's introduction gives riders more control and independence over their rides by enabling them to easily plan, book, monitor, and pay for trips within the app. It's these kinds of innovations that truly get us excited.

    Bonnie Epstein

    Director of Mobility Services, PSTA

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