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Run an efficient and flexible mobility service

An operating platform that empowers you to configure, launch, automate and optimize the on-demand mobility or transit network you’ve always envisioned.

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    Get set up easily

    Quickly customize and deploy a new mobility service from the cloud.


    Reduce operational costs

    Create an efficient service by maximizing fleet usage and service productivity.


    Build a mobility ecosystem

    Leverage third-party transportation providers and applications seamlessly.

    Flexible service configurations

    Build your ideal service, implement it without additional code and adjust parameters in real time.

    Flexible service configurations

    Commingled services

    Share fleets between multiple services like paratransit and microtransit to maximize efficiency.

    Commingled services

    Public-private partnerships

    Broker or dispatch trips to non-dedicated drivers and vehicles according to your needs.

    Public-private partnerships

    Countless integrations

    Plug and play your demand-responsive mobility service into virtually any third-party application.

    Countless integrations

    A feature-rich platform

    Driver scheduling

    Optimize driver duties by aligning scheduling to your expected demand.

    Scheduled & on-demand trips

    Combine scheduled, recurring, same-day and on-demand trips onto the same fleet.

    Centralized communications

    Get your message out and communicate with riders seamlessly.

    Fleet management

    Group vehicles into fleets and define their different accessibility parameters.

    Duty editing

    Adjust driver duties based on scheduled and forecasted trip requests.Group vehicles into fleets and define their different accessibility parameters.

    Payment hub

    Define fare rules and add payment methods from the same interface.

    Michael J. Davis

    “When we looked to replace our underperforming paratransit software, we were impressed by Spare's innovative approach. Spare's software is more user friendly than other solutions and reduces or eliminates many manual processes.”

    Michael J. Davis

    Former Transit Manager, StarTran

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