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Introducing Concho Valley Transit: Bridging Gaps Across Rural and Urban Texas

Concho Valley Transit District (CVTD) rolls out Concho Valley Transit in collaboration with Spare on April 3rd, 2024, a comprehensive service spanning 11 counties across rural and urban Texas, and covering an impressive 16,000+ square mile service area.

Fathima Tabassim

We are excited to announce the launch of the Concho Valley Transit service for Concho Valley Transit District (CVTD) on April 3rd, 2024, a transportation service that is set to redefine mobility across rural and urban Texas. Developed in close collaboration with Spare, CVT serves residents across 11 counties, covering an expansive service area of over 16,000 square miles. To put this into perspective, it’s a service area that’s about the size of Denmark!

CVTD's mission is simple yet powerful: to provide essential transportation services to communities that have previously faced significant mobility challenges. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, CVTD offers a range of transit options, including microtransit, paratransit, and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), ensuring that all residents have access to the transportation they need to thrive.

What sets CVTD apart is its innovative approach to service delivery. Leveraging Spare's technology, CVTD is able to offer on-demand paratransit and NEMT services across all service zones, while also piloting microtransit in smaller regions. This adaptive and flexible model allows CVTD to tailor its services to meet the unique needs of each community, ensuring that transportation barriers are minimized and opportunities for connectivity are maximized.

Prior to partnering with Spare, CVTD faced operational challenges, including limited reporting capabilities and inflexibility within their previous platform. With Spare's advanced technology, CVTD has been able to streamline its operations and provide a more efficient and responsive service to its riders.

During the implementation, Spare provided CVTD with support in the form of on-site training, and thorough driver and dispatcher testing across their large service area to ensure a successful launch. During our "rolling launch," we launched core services as Dispatch-only initially, followed by the rollout of the custom app a week later to facilitate a smoother transition for staff and riders. As the service grows, Spare aims to conduct further on-site training and gain first-hand insights into CVTD’s operations in order to enhance efficiency and explore additional optimization opportunities.

The launch of Concho Valley Transit represents a significant step forward in the transportation landscape of Texas. By harnessing the power of modern technology and collaboration, CVTD is paving the way for enhanced mobility and connectivity in communities across the region. As they continue to expand their services and reach new communities, Spare remains committed to supporting their efforts and empowering them to deliver the highest quality transportation experience to their riders.

We commend Concho Valley Transit for their commitment to improving transportation accessibility for all residents of Texas. Together, we are building a more connected and inclusive future for communities across the Lone Star State.