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Coming Soon: SouthWest Transit to Enhance Spare-Powered Services with May Mobility's Autonomous Vehicles

We're thrilled to share that SouthWest Transit, in collaboration with May Mobility, plans to launch the first autonomous microtransit service in the Twin Cities, powered by Spare.

Lynda Chau

Today, we’re thrilled to mark a big milestone in the future of transit through our collaboration with SouthWest Transit and May Mobility. This partnership introduces autonomous vehicles (AVs) into Minnesota's transportation network. Read the press release here.

For the past five years, we have proudly supported SouthWest Transit’s microtransit service by providing the software to optimize booking, scheduling, and routing for Minnesota's on-demand SouthWest Prime service. Now, we're excited to see SouthWest Transit take its service to the next level by integrating autonomous vehicles into the service. This initiative, powered by May Mobility’s advanced technology, marks the first autonomous microtransit service in the Twin Cities. The service will be seamlessly integrated and powered through Spare's platform when launched.

With May Mobility, SouthWest Transit is introducing autonomous vehicles to enhance its existing services. These AVs will provide Minnesotans with additional safe, efficient, and reliable transportation options. Initially, the AV service will focus on routes in and around Eden Prairie, Chaska, and Chanhassen, complementing SouthWest Transit's current microtransit offerings and providing enhanced service options for commuters and residents.

Central to this development is our Open Fleets technology. Spare Open Fleets is designed to help transit agencies integrate any fleet to deliver on-demand service. This flexibility allows transit agencies to expand their services with TNCs like Uber and Lyft, local taxis, and now autonomous vehicles through May Mobility.

The future of transit is here, and it is autonomous! We’re proud to be part of this groundbreaking journey with SouthWest Transit and May Mobility.

Interested in learning more about how AVs can fit into your demand-responsive service? Get in touch.