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Press Release: Spare Introduces AI Voice, Enhancing Transit Customer Service with an 85% Reduction in Wait Times

Spare unveils AI Voice, an advanced conversational agent enhancing paratransit services with an 85% reduction in wait times. Discover how this technology transforms customer interactions and boosts service efficiency.

Lynda Chau

Vancouver, BC, May 30, 2024 — Spare is excited to introduce AI Voice, an advanced conversational agent designed to enhance customer interactions for riders calling in for support with paratransit services. Addressing a common preference for booking with an agent rather than using a digital app, AI Voice allows riders to have intuitive, accessible and engaging conversations without needing to wait for a human agent. By tackling challenges such as 24/7 service availability, high call volumes, or staff shortages, AI Voice transforms customer service with an intuitive conversational experience that improves customer satisfaction while lowering wait times.

Leaders in transit innovation like Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, Auburn Transit, Milton Transit, and CapMetro are currently implementing AI Voice. At one such agency, the deployment of AI Voice within the first week led to an 85% reduction in wait times. This significant improvement demonstrates AI Voice's ability to enhance rider experiences while boosting operational efficiency and service capacity compliance for agencies.

AI Voice is transforming transit call centers by making trip booking more equitable and accessible. Many paratransit riders prefer to call in rather than book through an app. This technology meets them where they are, providing prompt and natural service that offers the immediacy and familiarity of human interaction without the wait.

Josh Andrews, Co-Founder & COO, Spare
Josh AndrewsCo-Founder and COO, Spare

AI Voice replaces traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with a more natural, accessible and conversational experience. Utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, AI Voice listens to spoken words, converts them to text, processes this text to understand the caller’s request, and responds clearly and informatively. Designed to handle interruptions and sudden changes in conversation, AI Voice ensures a more fluid interaction not possible with traditional IVR systems.

Key use cases for AI Voice include:

  • Extending Service Hours: Providing service outside of regular call center hours, ensuring riders can get the information they need at any time.
  • Reducing Call Volumes: Handling routine inquiries, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues and significantly reducing wait times.
  • Ensuring Reliability: Offering continuous service during peak times, staff shortages, and emergencies, ensuring reliable and efficient customer service.
  • Improving Accessibility: Making it easier for riders – specifically those with cognitive or communication disabilities – to book trips, cancel reservations, and check ETAs without navigating complex menus.

Spare is committed to helping transit agencies harness the power of technology to transform rider experiences and enhance operational efficiency. With a focus on human-centric AI, Spare creates intuitive and efficient services that prioritize people’s experiences, empowering both transit staff and riders and providing more gratifying interactions for all.

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