What's new at Spare

Spare closes oversubscribed $18M Series A to build the world’s first mobility operating system

A closer look at Spare's Series A, what this investment means and what the company plans to do with it.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, November 30, 2021

Inside Engineering at Spare

Learn about what it is like to work in the Spare Engineering team day-to-day and how we're impacting public mobility through collaborative problem solving.

Erin GirardThursday, November 11, 2021

The ABCs of working at Spare

A short FAQ of who we are, what we do and what you can expect when you join the team with insight from People & Talent Lead, Erin Girard.

Niklas MeyTuesday, October 19, 2021

Transit planning decoded

What is transit planning and how do data-rich tools enable agencies to deliver more sustainable, profitable and equitable systems?

Jerome MayaudTuesday, September 21, 2021

Spare Interview: Spare’s Lead Data Scientist on the power of data-driven transit planning

Transit simulations are the key to better decision-making and transparent transit planning. Jerome Mayaud shares his thoughts on how our simulation tool, Spare Realize, can empower that process.

Niklas MeyWednesday, September 8, 2021

Introducing a better way to plan microtransit: Spare Realize

Spare, the world’s leading provider of on-demand mobility software, is proud to share the newest release of Spare Realize, its intuitive,data-driven simulation tool for microtransit.

Jerome MayaudWednesday, September 8, 2021

Why you should use a mobility platform instead of an uber clone app

Can you really launch a ride hailing company with an Uber clone app? This post breaks down the risks of taking this route, and why going with a mobility platform is the safer, smarter option.

Niklas MeyThursday, September 2, 2021

How to use mobility data to plan effective transit networks

Collecting information about riders and their needs is vital to the success of any mobility service. But what is mobility data, how do you get it and what’s the best way to use it?

Jerome MayaudTuesday, August 31, 2021

How simulations and prototypes benefit your transit planning

Rapid prototyping allows transit planners to imagine various scenarios for new microtransit projects before they launch, resulting in optimized services tailored to riders’ needs.

Jerome MayaudThursday, August 26, 2021

5 ways to configure your ride sharing service

How do new ride sharing entrepreneurs make their mark without overextending themselves? It comes down to a simple idea: work smarter and find what service model generates the most revenue.

Niklas MeyTuesday, August 24, 2021

How to Manage Conditional Paratransit Eligibility

Paratransit eligibility isn’t one-size-fits all. With modern technology, transit providers can easily qualify riders for different paratransit services, ensuring a more cost-efficient and accessible system for all.

Luke FriesenWednesday, August 18, 2021

How to Build a Strong Team of Ride Hailing Drivers

Drivers are the front line of a ride hail startup, and selecting and retaining excellent drivers is crucial to your success. This blog post shares tips on how to find, onboard, and retain a thriving base of drivers.

Niklas MeyWednesday, August 11, 2021

Spare Interview: Spare CTO Alexey Indeev explains how and why Spare became fully SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant

We’re certified! Spare becomes the first on-demand transit software provider to be fully SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant. Spare CTO Alexey Indeev explains how and why we took this step.

Niklas MeyMonday, July 19, 2021

How to scale a microtransit pilot

While you can learn lots from a short-term microtransit project, scaling this type of service beyond the pilot’s parameters can feel daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways you can grow the micro version of your microtransit.

Quinn KlimanThursday, July 1, 2021

What is ride hailing?

Ride hailing is when a person uses an app to “hail” or request a local driver to pick them up and take them directly to a specific location.

Niklas MeyWednesday, June 30, 2021

Spare heads to Florida to automate PSTA's ADA paratransit

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority will use Spare Platform to power its paratransit service, digitize eligibility and enable seamless third-party integration.

Kristen LauTuesday, June 29, 2021

On-demand paratransit, change management and embracing innovation

Key highlights from Spare’s webinar: “Managing change: How to optimize your paratransit with automated tech”

Luke FriesenMonday, May 17, 2021

Five ways to pilot a microtransit service

Pilot projects give transit agencies a low-risk way to put on-demand transportation to the test. Here are some ways you can try out demand-responsive transit in your communities.

Tanya CastleTuesday, April 13, 2021

On-demand vaccine transit and the future of pop-up microtransit services

Key highlights from “Pop-up transit: How to launch a vaccination service”, Spare’s webinar on how to create ad hoc transportation using on-demand microtransit.

Tanya CastleThursday, March 25, 2021

A Closer Look at Our Hiring Process

Interested in a career with a forward-thinking tech startup that's building the future of transit? Take a closer look at our hiring process so you can apply prepared for one of our open positions. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Erin GirardWednesday, March 17, 2021

Spare expands ADA paratransit footprint with new service in Connecticut

The Southeast Area Transit District implements Spare’s automated booking, scheduling, fleet and customer management to improve efficiency and the rider experience.

Tanya CastleWednesday, March 3, 2021

Rural communities in the Baltics to benefit from Spare’s on-demand transport planning tools

Together with Stockholm Environment Institute, Spare will provide cost and demand modeling to help determine feasibility of demand-responsive transportation in the region.

Darian HeimTuesday, March 2, 2021

Why flexible transportation is key to getting high-risk individuals vaccinated against COVID-19.

Getting people like seniors, low-income earners and those without vehicles to COVID-19 vaccination centers safely and efficiently is a major challenge in many places. Here’s how on-demand transit can help.

Kristen LauWednesday, February 24, 2021

Closing the loop: How microtransit addresses the first-and-last-mile transportation problem

Getting to and from the bus or train stop can sometimes be half the battle. But with automated microtransit, transit agencies can start to close this gap and spark a change in the way we move.

Luke FriesenWednesday, February 10, 2021

The diversity data gap in on-demand microtransit

We dig deep into a large travel survey of Spare riders, to unpick important issues around gender, age, ethnicity and disability in public transportation and microtransit specifically.

Jerome MayaudThursday, February 4, 2021

What is microtransit?

Learn how microtransit solutions are improving transit access for those living low-density areas or people unable to access stop-based transit.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, February 4, 2021

Spare launches its first microtransit operation in Germany as vaccination service

The on-demand microtransit service will initially be used to transport elderly residents living in the Mannheim area to COVID-19 vaccination centers before expanding to the general population.

Darian HeimWednesday, February 3, 2021

On-demand microtransit is reshaping the modal split

We surveyed our riders and found that introducing microtransit induces a significant amount of new trips, removes private vehicle trips from our roads, and provides a safer and more convenient transit experience.

Jerome MayaudThursday, January 28, 2021

Spare Partners with National Express Transit to Launch Commingled Microtransit and Paratransit in Massachusetts

The automated on-demand service will help improve operational efficiency for the area’s transit agency, GATRA.

Kristoffer Vik HansenMonday, January 18, 2021

Swiftly and Spare Partner to Unite Fixed-Route and On-Demand Transit

Transit agencies can now provide the optimal mix of fixed-route and on-demand service for their local communities.

Luke FriesenWednesday, January 13, 2021

Spare expands its microtransit operations in Japan with services in Shiojiri and Noshiro

The two on-demand transit configurations will better connect populations in these regional cities to everyday amenities

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, December 15, 2020

Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio

Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio The Western Reserve Transit Authority in Mahoning County, Ohio becomes the latest agency in the United States to join Spare’s growing portfolio of demand-responsive microtransit customers.

Kristoffer Vik HansenFriday, December 11, 2020

Webinar takeaways - Automating data management for ADA paratransit eligibility

Highlights from “Automating ADA Paratransit Eligibility”, Spare’s webinar on the challenges facing eligibility management and how Spare’s new product, Spare Engage, addresses them.

Tanya CastleWednesday, December 9, 2020

Putting scheduled paratransit first in an on-demand transit system

We share how transit agencies can move to an on-demand system that improves on scheduled paratransit at the same time.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, November 19, 2020

Spare steps in to power expanded on-demand microtransit in Reno, Nevada area

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County introduces more zones to feed its fixed-route network

Kristoffer Vik HansenWednesday, November 4, 2020

Cheyenne Transit Program makes the switch to paratransit and microtransit powered by Spare

The Wyoming transportation provider from the city of Cheyenne replaces its manual system to help manage priorities and increase operational efficiency for its paratransit and microtransit services.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, October 22, 2020

Durham Region turns to Spare-powered microtransit to enable rich multi-modal environment

The on-demand service will cover over 30 zones and help connect area-residents to Toronto-bound transit hubs.

Kristoffer Vik HansenSaturday, October 10, 2020

Spare brings first mile last mile on-demand transit solution to Bellevue, WA

The new Crossroads Connect service will use trip brokering to bridge the transit gap for residents in Bellevue’s Crossroads neighborhood.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, October 6, 2020

Medicine Hat pilots new on-demand microtransit service backed by Canadian company Spare’s powerful technology.

Spare's and Medicine Hat's project allows the southeast Alberta city to extend public transit to underserved areas of its community.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, September 29, 2020

Spare teams up with ride-hailing enterprise Earth Rides to provide zero-emission rides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Spare’s automated technology platform will allow Earth Rides to deliver a superior customer experience through streamlined operations.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, September 24, 2020

Spare Interview: Former transit executive David Leininger talks the importance of Open APIs to the future of multi-modal agencies

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s GoPass is at the forefront of the multi-modal landscape. Ex-CFO David Leininger shares how the transit agency got there and why for multi-modal MaaS applications, partners must come to the table with open technology infrastructure.

Josh AndrewsThursday, September 10, 2020

Spare partners with Whistle! to power backend ride-hailing operations for British Columbia company

Canadian startup’s flexible technology will help ride-hailing company meet its growth and profitability goals.

Kristoffer Vik HansenWednesday, September 2, 2020

6 ways the final leg of the paratransit customer journey is better with tech

In Part 3 of Spare’s series on the role of transit software in paratransit, we share how real-time information is key to a smarter and better trip.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, August 27, 2020

Why Germany’s goal to provide barrier-free transit can unlock its true mobility potential

Microtransit fills in service gaps to remove transit barriers - something Germany aims to do by 2022. But demand-responsive transportation can do more than just solve accessibility issues. It can unlock Germany's true mobility potential and keep public transit relevant in the age of technology.

Darian HeimTuesday, August 11, 2020

10 ways to automate paratransit booking, matching and scheduling

In part two of Spare’s three-part series on how tech can enable better paratransit, we delve into the most complex part of the passenger journey — booking, matching, and scheduling — and share how automating these processes is the key to a modern, efficient and user-friendly on-demand system.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, July 21, 2020

5 ways technology can radically improve paratransit journey planning

Welcome to our three-part series on how technology can enable better paratransit. In Part 1, we’ll cover how riders can use technology to plan their journey. In parts two and three, we’ll tackle how they can make their journey, including the onboard and post-ride experiences, more delightful.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, July 2, 2020

Microtransit, pandemic and protests: A story of resilience

The shocks of the COVID-19 crisis and the BLM protests have been testing for the transit industry. By digging into our ridership data from around the world, we find that microtransit services have bounced back quicker than mass transit.

Jerome MayaudWednesday, June 10, 2020

Spare and AtB bring electric on-demand transportation to senior citizens in Trondheim, Norway

Launched June 2, in partnership with the city’s public transit agency AtB, 67pluss, a new on-demand service powered by Spare that will soon also be all-electric, will provide Seniors in Trondheim, Norway, better access to public transportation.

Kristoffer Vik HansenMonday, June 8, 2020

Pandemic and protest: A recipe for rethinking our relationship with transit

An important lesson we have taken from the BLM protests is that it is our duty to fight for the causes we believe in. For us at Spare, that cause is making transit fair for everyone. Sometimes, we might get it wrong, but we will keep fighting, harder than ever before.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, June 4, 2020

Transit with barriers - How tech can break them down

Good public transit is often not reliable, accessible, or affordable for seniors, people with special needs and those from low-income communities. But tech can tackle these barriers head-on.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, May 28, 2020

Spare brings cutting edge commingled paratransit and microtransit services to two new U.S. markets

Spare enables a new transit solution that commingles paratransit and microtransit. Partnering with Citibus from Lubbock, TX, and StarTran from Lincoln, NE, they launched the first new services of this kind.

Kristoffer Vik HansenWednesday, May 20, 2020

The power of Realize: A simulation tool that redefines transit planning

Without data-driven planning, transit agencies risk designing transportation systems that work for nobody. Spare Realize, our cutting-edge transit planning tool, is here to provide a guiding hand.

Jerome MayaudTuesday, April 28, 2020

Spare and Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) Palma de Mallorca collaborate to provide essential transport during the COVID-19 pandemic

Spare and EMT have successfully tested and implemented an on-demand transportation service on the Balearic island of Mallorca, south-east of Spain’s mainland, to ensure easy and convenient access to transportation for Palma’s population.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, April 14, 2020

Spare and Denton County Transit Agency (DCTA) respond to the COVID-19 health emergency by expanding microtransit service zones

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DCTA is expanding its on-demand transit to replace fixed-route bus services.

Kristoffer Vik HansenThursday, March 26, 2020

Why is transit collapsing, and who’s losing out?

Your wealth, education and race determine your exposure to the COVID-19 virus on public transit.

Jerome MayaudWednesday, March 25, 2020

How to design safer public transit in response to COVID-19

How do you maximize the safety of your riders and drivers when you run transit during a pandemic?

Kristoffer Vik HansenFriday, March 20, 2020

Flipping Transit on Its Head: Part II

We put the theory of 'flipping transit on its head' into practice, using data from one of the largest on-demand microtransit services in the world.

Jerome MayaudMonday, March 16, 2020

Japan: A Transportation Utopia with a Mobility Crisis

In recent surveys from the World Economic Forum, only 26% of municipalities had highly sustainable transit systems. In 2018 this became the driving motivation for Spare to work with cities and bus operators around Japan.

Josh AndrewsThursday, February 27, 2020

Flipping Transit on Its Head: Part I

In many parts of the world, fixed route transit is in dire straits. We propose a radical new idea to reverse its decline: use microtransit data to smartly redesign fixed transit routes.

Jerome MayaudTuesday, February 25, 2020

Spare expands service in Oslo, connecting more senior citizens with their communities

This week, Spare expanded on the successful partnership with Ruter, tripling the current amount of service zones, to power efficient, elderly transport services for the city of Oslo, Norway.

Josh AndrewsFriday, February 21, 2020

Spare launches on-demand transit in Odda, outside of Bergen, Norway

Odda, a small town enclosed by the Hardanger Fjord and two national parks, is now covered by an on-demand transportation service

Josh AndrewsMonday, February 17, 2020

Spare launches on-demand transit north of the arctic circle in Bodø

Spare launched a new on-demand public transit service in Bodø, Norway with Nordland Fylkeskommune (NFK).

Josh AndrewsTuesday, February 11, 2020

Spare to power Europe's first autonomous on-demand bus project

Spare and its joint Canadian/Norwegian consortium, SAGA, has been selected to operate a hybrid autonomous and human-driven public transit service in Norway and Netherlands, a first for Europe.

Josh AndrewsSunday, February 9, 2020

Spare partners with RVTD to provide new on-demand transit service in Ashland, Oregon

This week, Spare - the mobility platform transforming transit worldwide - launched a new partnership with Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) to power efficient, on-demand transit services for the city of Ashland, Oregon.

Josh AndrewsMonday, December 23, 2019

The Future that Never Happened

Come on a journey with us. Explore the difficulties and opportunities in unravelling cause and effect, within the scope of an on-demand transit system! Jerome Mayaud Jerome Mayaud Lead Data Scientist at Spare More posts by Jerome Mayaud.

Jerome MayaudMonday, December 9, 2019

The problem with cancellations, and how data science can help

Ultimately, this kind of analysis helps us to adjust our algorithms and user interfaces to improve the service for each and every one of our customers.

Jerome MayaudWednesday, November 27, 2019

Spare partners with Ruter to provide elderly transportation services in Oslo, Norway

This week, Spare - the mobility platform transforming transit worldwide - launched a new partnership with Ruter to power efficient, elderly transport services for the city of Oslo, Norway.

Josh AndrewsWednesday, November 13, 2019

STAR Transit partners with Spare to launch on-demand transit in Mesquite and Terrell, Texas

Spare, the world leader in on-demand transportation services, launched a new partnership with STAR Transit to deploy on-demand, shared ride transit in Mesquite and Terrell Texas. The service, called STARNow, is designed to complement the existing transit services provided by STAR Transit.

Josh AndrewsWednesday, November 6, 2019

DART is Building the Future of Transit

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is building the future of public transportation through their revolutionary platform, the GoPass Platform.

Josh AndrewsSunday, October 13, 2019

Spare expands in Eden Prairie with new NEMT service, Prime MD

Spare expanded on the partnership with SouthWest Transit in Eden Prairie with a new non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service, Prime MD.

Josh AndrewsTuesday, October 1, 2019

Introducing Spare Driver 2.0 🎉

Today we're incredibly excited to announce the launch of Spare Driver 2.0, the first major revision to the experience of driving on-demand using Spare. It's available today and we're rolling it out to all of our customers over the next few weeks.

Jason MillerMonday, September 30, 2019

Spare expands in Norway, launching a new service on Election Day in Kongsberg

Spare launched a new on-demand public transit service with Brakar, a leading public transit agency in Norway.

Josh AndrewsMonday, September 9, 2019

Introducing Spare Platform V2

Today we’re unveiling Spare Platform V2, the next step in the growth of Spare Platform. V2, which was born from our experience operating some of the world’s largest on-demand transit networks, enables the most versatile, interconnected on-demand transit systems available on the market today.

Josh AndrewsMonday, May 20, 2019

Spare secures $6 million seed financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation

Spare, a world leader in on-demand transportation technology, today announced that it has secured $6 million of seed financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan’s largest trading company.

Josh AndrewsTuesday, April 30, 2019

Today, we are excited to announce a $6 million seed funding round led by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan's largest trading company.

Why did we raise money? You can read more about the short answer to that question over at our official press release here, but the full answer really starts 3.5 years ago.

Kristoffer Vik HansenTuesday, April 30, 2019