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Your powerful call center ally

Transform your transit call center with Spare's AI Voice – intuitive, efficient, and always available, ensuring seamless interactions and superior service for every customer that rides your service.

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    Benefits of AI Voice

    Instant response

    AI Voice answers calls immediately, reducing wait times to virtually zero.

    Natural conversations

    Engages in fluent, natural language dialogue, making interactions easy and efficient.

    24/7 availability

    Operates round-the-clock, ensuring constant support without fatigue.

    Reduced handle time

    Accelerates information retrieval and transaction times, optimizing call efficiency.


    Easily handles high call volumes, adapting to demand without additional staffing.

    Human touch

    Complements human agents by managing routine inquiries, allowing staff to focus on complex calls.

    Establishing a new call center

    An instant, scalable, and cost-effective solution to voice-based customer service, enabling efficient management of trip inquiries and bookings without the need for extensive infrastructure.

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    Relieving overburdened call centers

    Agencies facing high call volumes and long wait times can leverage AI Voice to manage routine inquiries, reducing the burden on human agents and improving customer satisfaction.

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    Optimizing call center hours

    Perfect for agencies aiming to reduce operating hours without compromising service quality. For example, letting AI Voice handle after hour calls.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How is AI Voice different from traditional IVR systems?

    AI Voice distinguishes itself through its advanced use of artificial intelligence, offering a more intuitive, flexible, and human-like interaction. Unlike conventional IVRs, which rely on preset menus and rigid pathways, AI Voice employs natural language processing to understand and respond to callers in their own words. This allows for a smoother, more conversational experience that can dynamically adapt to the caller's needs without forcing them through a series of predefined options.

    In addition, AI Voice is capable of handling a broader range of queries with greater accuracy, helping make the booking interface more accessible and as a result, improving overall customer satisfaction.

    Is there a fall back option to speak to a human agent instead?

    Yes! You can configure the fall back option of letting your customers speak to an agent at your call center or to a Spare Call Center employee. These individuals are fluent in English and Spanish. AI Voice handles the majority of the routine calls that come in including booking new rides, canceling rides and checking the ETAs of trips. For more complex tasks or conversations where a customer simply prefers to speak to a human, the ideal model is to route calls back to your in-house call center during normal operating hours and to Spare’s Call Center agents during after hours, ensuring full coverage at all times.