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Press Release: Spare and May Mobility Partner to Deliver a Powerful On-Demand Transit Solution with Autonomous Vehicles

Spare and May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, have joined forces to deliver on-demand transit solutions leveraging autonomous vehicles.

Lynda Chau

Vancouver, Canada & Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 19, 2023 - Spare, the leading on-demand transit platform, and May Mobility, a leader in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, have joined forces to deliver on-demand transit solutions leveraging autonomous vehicles. This collaboration aims to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals by creating a safe, inclusive transit system that caters to each community’s specific needs.

Transit agencies around the globe face the challenge of providing robust, equitable and accessible services due to a number of hurdles, including driver shortages. Recent data paints a stark picture of a widespread and severe workforce shortage in the transit sector. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), 96 percent of transit agencies reported experiencing a workforce shortage, with 84 percent indicating that this shortfall directly hampers their ability to provide service. This impacts transit agencies of all sizes and is primarily attributed to two coupled factors - an increased rate of retirement in the industry along with struggles to recruit and retain new operators. In light of this pressing issue, Spare's on-demand transit platform, in conjunction with May Mobility's autonomous vehicles, presents a novel and transformative solution.

Using Spare Open Fleets™ technology, Spare empowers transit agencies to seamlessly integrate May Mobility's wheelchair-accessible autonomous vehicles into their on-demand service offerings, while efficiently managing them alongside their existing on-demand transit fleets. By leveraging the technology and expertise of both Spare and May Mobility, transit agencies will be able to deliver an enhanced and more reliable transportation experience to their current riders and expand those services to those who currently don’t have access.

Partnering with Spare is key to our efforts to scale our services according to the reach, coverage and frequency needs of communities across the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. We look forward to working closely with Spare to help transit agencies, city officials and local businesses improve their communities by combining its on-demand transportation software with our unique autonomous technology and microtransit solution.

Manik Dhar profile
Manik DharChief Commercial Officer of May Mobility

This partnership comes at a crucial time when transit agencies are looking to improve the reliability and versatility of public transportation. Together, the companies aim to increase transit ridership in a cost-effective manner by putting greater emphasis on their microtransit and paratransit capabilities.

"We are thrilled to partner with May Mobility in our shared vision of creating an inclusive transit system that caters to the diverse needs of all riders," said Kristoffer Vik Hansen, CEO co-founder of Spare Labs. "By deploying May Mobility's autonomous vehicles with Spare's on-demand transit platform, we can address the challenges posed by driver shortages and provide riders with the reliable and accessible transportation they deserve."


About Spare

At Spare, our mission is to make every ride possible. We empower transit agencies to launch microtransit and modernize ADA paratransit services, optimizing operations and enhancing rider experiences. Spare Open Fleets integrates any bookable fleet into on-demand transit services for flexible capacity without capital-intensive vehicle investments. With hundreds of services powered worldwide, we are shaping the future of mobility — one ride at a time. For more information, visit

About May Mobility

May Mobility, established in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2017, is building the world’s best autonomy system. Their proprietary Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) system is at the core of their mission to help make cities safer, greener and more accessible. MPDM’s proven track record has delivered more than 320,000 autonomy-enabled rides to date in several public transit applications across the U.S. and Japan. With key strategic partnerships including some of the world’s most innovative automotive and transportation companies, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, May Mobility aims to achieve the highest standard in rider safety, sustainability and transportation equity. For more information, visit