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Before the First Mile: A Webinar On Accessing Transit

Public transit agencies need to meet the needs of riders with accessibility issues, but the accessibility of your technology can be a blocker in itself. Scroll down for our discussion of the benefits of accessible, self-service booking technology or leave us your email to book a demo.

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    Booking Independence

    In this webinar, we covered

    Reduce operator workload

    Mitigate bookings done by phone call by providing self-service options meeting every rider’s need.

    Increase transit adoption

    Maximize rider count by providing booking tech that’s easy to find, use, and navigate so booking a trip is simple and streamlined.

    Create an equitable transit system

    Reduce barriers of entry to low income, elderly, or disabled individuals by providing booking options that work within their constraints.

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    Meet our speakers

    Taylor Eidt Headshot

    Taylor Eidt

    Taylor Eidt is C-TRAN’s Planning Project Manager and has been with the agency since 2020. With a Masters Degree in Community and Regional Planning and more than 10 years of experience working in the private and public sectors, he is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to expand mobility options.

    Dana Barton Headshot

    Dana Barton

    Dana Barton is the Director of Meeting the Challenge (MTC), a CP&Y company, responsible for consulting with organizations, and state and local governments to understand their responsibilities in following disability compliance laws, including digital accessibility.

    Brendan Tuytel Headshot

    Brendan Tuytel


    Accessible transit is only as accessible as your tech

    According to studies by APTA and ourselves, seniors and low income individuals are a significant proportion of public transit riders. These are two groups who may not have access to or fluency in technology like smartphones.


    To be truly accessible, your booking technology needs to meet the needs of individuals like these. Relying on calls means you need to worry about staffing a call center, but if you offer more self-serve options, you can keep these costs down while increasing ridership.

    Paratransit Technology

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