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Spare Moves: A Virtual Summit

What to expect from Spare Moves 2021

A focus on driving transit and mobility forward

Private and public mobility

Learn how public on-demand transit and private mobility services like ride sharing can work together.

Real solutions to problems

Gain actionable insights on some of the industry's most pressing issues like driver shortages and change management.

Peer-learning and networking

Engage with a community of like-minded transit providers, service planners, mobility entrepreneurs and tech experts.

Inspirations to co-create

Experience how public and private players can work together to build successful mobility services for all.


Keynotes and panels

Walk away from expert-led sessions with the information you need to solve driver shortages, keep costs low, attract riders and manage change.


Focused networking

Meet peers and celebrate successes through an organized opportunity to exchange thoughts and insights.


Our Speakers

Ben Schutzmann

Ben Schutzmann

Chief of Staff, Highland Electric; former Chief of Paratransit Services at MBTA

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