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    Spare Moves: A Virtual Summit

    Mobility 2.0: The future of on-demand transit and shared rides

    Where is the transit and mobility industry headed, what challenges is it facing and how can Spare help? Spare CEO Kristoffer shares the company's vision on the future of on-demand transit and shared rides in his keynote address.

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    Supplying Rides: How to build a ride share service from the ground up

    What does it take to launch a successful ride share service? Earth Rides CEO Raven shares how her company established a strong foothold in the market by building a strong brand and recruiting a dedicated team.

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    Public-Private-Partnerships: How to improve service quality and reduce costs

    How can you meet your ridership goals, improve service quality, while also reducing cost per trip? Our expert panel talks us through the benefits of partnerships and mixed fleets, and why they are the future of transit.

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    Other sessions


    Change Management: How to drive innovation in your organization

    Tina, Senior Director of First Transit, shares ways you can involve different stakeholders in the process as you introduce new technology to your operation, the right way to test out new technology and why it's important to take risks even if you fail.


    Flexible Commingling: How to consolidate fleets while improving service for all

    Our panel discusses how to increase passenger-to-seat efficiency and improve the rider experience by commingling different service types like microtransit and paratransit onto the same vehicle, and why commingling is the future of transit.

    Implementing success

    Implementing success: How to launch a new transit or mobility service

    How to approach the launch of your new service? Josh, Senior Partner Success Manager at Spare, runs us through his implementation plan, shares best practices and answers all your questions around launching and scaling new services.


    Empowering your Ridership: How technology can unlock mobility's potential

    What's been the impact of Spare's mobility management platform? Spare's senior leaders walk us through different use-cases of its software and broach the larger topic of how it is leveraging openness and connectivity to remove tech barriers.

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