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Managing change: How to optimize your paratransit with automated tech

Upgrade your paratransit service with innovative approaches that augment the customer experience, provide more flexibility and create better efficiency.

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May 13, 2021 | 11:00am PT

In this webinar, you'll learn how to

Innovate using tech

Leverage the power of modern transit technology to easily and seamlessly upgrade your paratransit service.

Improve efficiency

Reduce your cost per trip, increase the number of passengers per vehicle hour, and decrease travel time.

Best serve your riders

Provide your riders with a superior transit experience by offering innovative services like in-app bookings.

Change doesn't have to be hard — especially when it comes to tech

Join us as our group of transit experts, change-management agents and implementation specialists share how you can easily switch over to an automated paratransit platform that optimizes your service.

You'll also hear from Spare Partner, Cheyenne Transit Program, which successfully made this change and has seen the efficiency of its paratransit service soar as a result.

paratransit passengers
Luke Friesen

“It’s time to rethink paratransit. I’m excited to speak with our panelists about how small changes in paratransit operations can have a huge impact on riders and drivers.”

Luke Friesen

Growth Lead

Our panelists

Renae Jording

Renae Jording @ Cheyenne Transit

Renae has been with Cheyenne Transit for more than 28 years. Now the agency’s director, she previously served as a dispatcher, operations assistant and assistant director.

Jess Segovia

Jess Segovia @ ADA Guru

Jess is owner of consulting firm ADA Guru where he assists transit agencies of all sizes achieve ADA Compliance using his philosophy of “Embracing the Spirit of the ADA”.

Tina Morch-Pierre

Tina Morch-Pierre @ First Transit

Tina is Senior Director, Innovation and Technology Services at mobility operator First Transit, where she’s in charge of driving strategic innovation and change management.

Josh Szepesi

Josh Szepesi @ Spare

Josh is Spare's leading customer advocate and an implementation specialist in the technology sector who has launched 6 microtransit and paratransit services with Spare.

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