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Low risk, high reward: Microtransit planning with Spare Realize

How to leverage data-driven simulations to unlock microtransit’s full potential without deploying a single driver or vehicle.

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Spare Realize, a microtransit simulation tool

May 24, 2022 | 11:00am PT

In this webinar, you'll learn how to

Collaborate with the private sector

Dispatch out to third-party fleets and expand your service with them.

Streamline your fleet operations

Consolidate reporting and service optimization by tracking every trip on one platform.

Design a remarkable experience

Match your rider's challenges with what level of service they would need.

Serving your riders well shouldn't be limited by your fleet

In this webinar, we'll look into how transit agencies can complement their fleet with third-party providers of mobility services like Lyft or local taxi companies. We will share best practices and actionable frameworks as well as study how two of Spare's customers are using brokered fleets today.

Spare Realize
Tanya Castle

The success of any transit project, big or small, comes down to meticulous planning. I’m excited to share with you how we’re putting the power of planning in your hands through Spare Realize.

Tanya Castle

Regional Director of Growth

Our panelists

Jerome Mayaud

Jerome Mayaud @ Spare

Jerome is Spare’s resident number cruncher and Spare Realize expert. He’s run countless simulations on behalf of transit agencies of all sizes using the beta version of Spare Realize.

Andrew Ittigson

Andrew Ittigson @ AECOM

With over 17 years of experience, Andrew is an experienced planner who specializes in service and operations planning for transit and mobility services.

Assumpta Cerda

Assumpta Cerda @ Exo

Assumpta is a Mobility Senior Advisor for Exo, a public transit services operator from Montreal. She has led a variety of projects involving mobility data, strategic and service planning, and developing business cases for major transit projects.

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