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Mission control center for transit teams

Spare instills confidence, productivity, and control for your on-demand service, uniting trips, fleets, ride schedules and operational metrics that matter to you in a single platform.

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Reservations, scheduling and dispatch software trusted by global dispatch teams.

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How Spare’s mission control center gives dispatchers superpowers

Unified view

View vehicle movements in real-time and stay up-to-date on service health across your transit programs.

Real-time, reliable trip data

Send and receive real-time automatic vehicle location and trip information to manage dispatching decisions and measure KPIs.

Manual control

Manually intervene on algorithms, while managing on-the-ground issues like no-show’s and vehicle breakdowns.

Effective trip investigation

Monitor day-of service challenges, like late drivers, or pinpoint trends in on-time performance and course correct.

Keep a watchlist

Spot and fix every operational issue before it becomes a full-blown problem.

Pause engine optimization

Take a breather and get certain trips matched to a specific vehicle during critical moments.

Take ‘birds eye view’ of your operation to the next level.

Get full visibility on day-to-day service health of your on-demand or demand response operation.

  • View vehicle movements in real-time, monitor vehicle lateness, and see who’s on break
  • Swiftly locate drivers when riders call-in to investigate certain trips

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Optimize trips in real-time, without sacrificing manual control.

Every day is different when it comes to running public transit–unplanned scenarios happen. Let real-time optimization route your vehicles, but not at the expense of manual control.

  • Override the system during emergencies using local knowledge that no one else has but you
  • Pause optimization to deal with stressful situations
  • Making override decisions is a big one — make it an informed one
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Zero-in on operational areas that need special attention.

Know exactly which trips are late or unmatched and which ones have no-shows–all challenges that dispatch teams need their eyes on. Spot issues before it becomes a problem and effortlessly drill down on operational data to take actions that impact the bottom line.

  • View a comprehensive summary of the day to track metrics that matter
  • Drill down on issues like late trips and keep a closer eye on problem areas before it’s too late
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Communicate with drivers.

Need to get ahold of a driver? Conveniently communicate with your drivers using free flow or canned messages.

  • Choose from a variety of canned messages used in common situations
  • Communicate through free flow messages, alerting them when it's safe to respond
  • Broadcast critical messages to drivers en masse
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Bonnie Epstein

Spare represents a leap forward in user experience for PSTA. Its clean design makes it easy and intuitive to use. PSTA staff have full visibility into the live status of nearly all of the trips running, which makes it easy to monitor service and address issues as they arise. The app's introduction gives riders more control and independence over their rides by enabling them to easily plan, book, monitor, and pay for trips within the app. It's these kinds of innovations that truly get us excited.

Bonnie Epstein

Director of Mobility Services, PSTA

Make every ride possible with Spare!