Integrating NEMT

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for those needing reliable transportation to and from hospitals and clinics.

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Share vehicles with other services

With Spare Fleets, you can use the same vehicle for both microtransit and NEMT at the same time! This helps to maximize efficiency and get rid of idle vehicles.

Cut costs with automated trip brokering

No more manual dispatching! Spare Launch connects many fleets together and automatically dispatches trips to dedicated and non-dedicated drivers.

Book trips by arrival time

With Spare Engine you can offer riders an option to book by arrival time. This ensures that riders arrive on time for their appointments.

Reduce the burden on paratransit

A highly functioning NEMT program can greatly reduce the stress put on your paratransit program, freeing up paratransit vehicles for those most in need.

Customer Stories

Learn how we're impacting communities around the world.

Spare expands in Eden Prairie with new NEMT service, Prime MD

Spare expanded on the partnership with SouthWest Transit in Eden Prairie with a new non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service, Prime MD.

Connecting senior citizens to their community in Oslo

Ruter provides an automated and user-friendly system to connect Oslo’s aging population to the wider community.