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Twin Transit launches rider app for demand-responsive services in Lewis County

On August 15th, Twin Transit launched a rider app to provide riders with easy booking options when it comes to requesting a demand response ride.

Jenna Dhanani

Twin Transit operates primarily in the Twin Cities of Centralia and Chehalis in Lewis County, Washington. Twin Transit offers six fixed routes as well as a ADA transportation service, LIFTT, and microtransit service, Dial-a-Ride Twin Transit (DARTT). DARTT is a door to door service that helps riders get to where they need to go, whether that is a medical appointment, the grocery store, school, shopping or accessing other services.

LIFTT is designed for riders who may be unable to access fixed route transit due to mobility or cognitive restrictions. A rider shares, “The buses take me wherever I need to go. They’re very important to the community. The drivers are polite and friendly and professional.”

Twin Transit has recently seen a spike in requests for demand response services and sought to provide riders with an improved experience through a rider app. Rather than having to call in to book a ride, riders can now book, pay for and view ride history all within the rider app. By implementing the Twin Transit app, the agency has been able to free up booking agent capacity and availability. Riders have more freedom, independence and flexibility now that they are able to book their rides when it’s convenient for them.

Launching with Spare was smooth sailing—we didn’t have any difficulties. We went on our own timeline, which was a bit speedier based on our agency needs, and Spare committed to that just fine. We launched with Spare on August 15th and it has been smooth, everyone has hit the ground running. This has been a great endeavor for Twin Transit."

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Joey ZurfluhTwin Transit

Twin Transit feeds into an expansive transportation network in the region: riders are able to connect with Rural Transit, Intercity Transit, RiverCities Transit, Lower Columbia CAP, Cowlitz Tribal Transit and C-TRAN, moving riders throughout western Washington state. To maximize vehicle productivity and provide the most options for riders, Twin Transit operates through commingling; filling empty microtransit seats with LIFTT/DARTT riders, in their vehicle fleet.

Twin Transit’s latest launched service operates in a large service area and uses a variable price structure for the DARTT service based on distance traveled: the base fare starts at $3.00 and the price of a trip increases by $0.30 per mile. LIFTT comes at no charge to riders who have documented ADA eligibility.

As Twin Transit continues to transport people throughout Lewis County, future plans may include scaling up their service by adding additional vehicles and service hours.