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2023 Q3 Engagement Survey Results

We share the results of Spare's Q3 2023 engagement survey. Find out why Spartians are proud to work at Spare, the top scores in employee satisfaction, and areas for improvement. Learn how Spare addresses concerns through their accountability model and encourages individual ownership.

Mijay Pavon

Starting in late 2022, Spare began running company-wide employee engagement surveys to provide a formal and structured way to gather employee feedback, in addition to the continuous feedback loop that was already part of our work culture. Specifically, we wanted to understand what we were doing well and to identify areas of opportunity, in order to maintain high engagement and retention of our top talent!

We recently shared the results of our Q3 2023 survey internally and wanted to share externally too!

  • 100% of Spartians said they were “proud to work at Spare”
  • Our Employer Net Promoter Score was 90, with 95% of Spartians saying they would recommend Spare as a great place to work
  • Our top score was: “My manager, or someone at work seems to care about me as a person” (90%)
  • Other top scores include:
    • My manager provides support and removes road blocks in order to help me with my work (85%)
    • My manager regularly recognizes my efforts and contributions (85%)
    • I feel comfortable and respected in sharing my opinion and perspective, even if it might contradict others (85%)
  • We asked: What do you like most about working at Spare?
    • Great People - “I really connect to some of the folks working at Spare. The people we hire are phenomenal and they make me want to be better at my role.”
    • Culture - “A positive work culture that encourages collaboration and teamwork creates a work environment where we are encouraged to provide feedback.”
    • Freedom & Flexibility - “The freedom and autonomy to run with most ideas. The trust managers and other teams give you to make decisions and take on initiatives!”

Like every company, Spare has areas to improve on as well. Some of our low scores included:

  • Usually, I feel like my workload is manageable (68%)
  • I see myself still working at Spare in two years' time (73%)
  • In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work (78%)

To help us address these concerns, we have an accountability model that includes three levels:

  • Company / Executive - the Executive team commits to an action plan that addresses 2-3 key areas from the survey and shares this plan with the whole company at an All-Hands meeting. We provide regular updates throughout the quarter on how we’re tracking for transparency and accountability.
  • Team / Manager - each People Manager is provided with their team results and is encouraged to debrief the results with their team to gather additional context/feedback and to brainstorm potential solutions and interventions with the team. Where applicable, People Managers also document and commit to team-level action plans, and share progress updates throughout the quarter.
  • Individual - in addition to the above, we also encourage all Spartians to take ownership and accountability for their own employee experience. This could mean volunteering to organize a team event, signing up for a learning opportunity using their Lifestyle Spending Account, or committing to improving communication with a specific teammate.