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Port Jefferson tackles congestion with PASSport resident rideshare

On May 12th, the village of Port Jefferson launched PASSPort, a luxury microtransit resident rideshare service, with Spare.

Jenna Dhanani

Port Jefferson, also known as Port Jeff, is a small village in Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York. In the 1700s, it served as a busy trade port and ship building site. Today, it's known for having one of the largest commercial fishing fleets on Long Island. The village has around 8,000 residents with a relatively high average household income. As a result, vehicle ownership is also quite high and driving tends to be the preferred means of transportation for residents.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Port Jefferson faces significant parking issues, especially around the main area near Port Jefferson Harbor. Tourists and ferry riders contribute to the high demand for parking, leading to congestion and overflow.

To lessen the parking congestion and personal vehicle reliance, the village of Port Jefferson has introduced PASSPort, a premium microtransit rideshare service, giving residents the option to leave their cars at home when traveling within the village and nearby destinations while also reducing congestion. The program was molded and is currently managed by Parking and Mobility Admin, Kevin Wood.

PASSPort is a luxury microtransit service, currently operating with one vehicle and offering door-to-door service and with the trip costing five dollars per rider. The service launched on May 12th, 2023 and runs on Friday and Saturday evenings from 4pm until 1am within the borders of Port Jefferson village. Residents are able to book rides directly from their phones using the PASSPort app, powered by Spare.

The deputy mayor of the village, Kathianne Snaden, shares that the new service is beneficial to both businesses and residents:  “They don’t have to worry about bringing their cars down or about parking. They can get to and from in a safe manner, and it will additionally help the businesses in opening up parking spaces for the people coming in from outside the village”

PASSport is anticipated to make mobility more accessible for older residents who may not be able to operate a vehicle while also making for easier access to village beaches and downtown Port Jefferson.