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Spare teams up with ride-hailing enterprise Earth Rides to provide zero-emission rides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Spare’s automated technology platform will allow Earth Rides to deliver a superior customer experience through streamlined operations.

Kristoffer Vik Hansen

September 22, 2020 (Vancouver, Canada) — Spare, a leading provider of on-demand mobility software for shared transportation operators, is proud to team up with Earth Rides, a ride-hailing enterprise with an earth-friendly mission, to power its operations in Nashville, TN.

Spare’s robust back-end transportation management tools coupled with its consumer-facing and driver-side apps, will enable Earth Rides to deliver premium service through 100% electric vehicles (EVs), a pillar of its business model.

Earth Rides service area in Nashville and Franklin

Earth Rides launched in Nashville earlier this year using a proprietary solution to manage its operations. It is switching to Spare for better reliability as it scales from city to city.

Running an all-electric fleet is easy with Spare. The data-driven platform can be optimized to gain EV-specific operational insights and can automatically schedule a trip to the charging station if needed.

Currently, Earth’s fleet consists of Teslas but it has plans to introduce zero-emission vehicles from other OEMs in the future. The company’s green mission also extends to other parts of its business. For instance, it has opted for biodegradable, organic disinfectants and cleaning supplies, as well as essential oils in its vehicles.

Earth Rides Founder Raven Hernandez

“Our mission at Earth is to make being healthy cool. This ideology has caught on in other parts of the country but hasn’t quite landed in the south. By bringing Earth to Tennessee, I hope to expose electric vehicles to a whole new audience and create a healthier environment for us all,” says Earth Rides founder and Nashville native Raven Hernandez.

Unlike many ride-hailing companies, Earth’s drivers are all employees, not independent contractors. As such, their core focus is to deliver a safer and more premium experience for both drivers and riders.

Thanks to Spare’s focus on operational efficiency, it can do so without passing off the cost to the customer. Drivers for instance are able to accept back-to-back trips whether they have zero or two passengers in their vehicle. Spare also streamlines pick-ups on regular routes, like from the airport to downtown (a major part of Earth Rides’ business) through predetermined boarding zones that help speed up this process.

With a foothold in both on-demand public transit and private ride-hailing, Spare’s technology is well-positioned to promote innovation in both industries. For instance, ride-hailing operators can benefit from Spare’s ability to schedule trips in advance, which is required by some public transit agencies, while transit agencies can implement driver tipping, a staple of ride-hailing.

For more information on how Spare can power your all-electric or mixed-fleet and the tools baked into its platform that make this possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at