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Spare and AtB bring electric on-demand transportation to senior citizens in Trondheim, Norway

Launched June 2, in partnership with the city’s public transit agency AtB, 67pluss, a new on-demand service powered by Spare that will soon also be all-electric, will provide Seniors in Trondheim, Norway, better access to public transportation.

Kristoffer Vik Hansen

June 08, 2020 (Vancouver Canada) - Seniors in Trondheim, Norway now have better access to public transportation thanks to a new on-demand service powered by Spare that will soon also be all-electric.

Launched June 2, in partnership with the city’s public transit agency AtB, 67pluss is currently being piloted in Trondheim’s Nidarvoll, Fossegrenda, and Risvollan suburban neighborhoods.

It’s made up of three drivers as well as three wheelchair-accessible vehicles and includes 25 points of interest such as grocery stores, shopping malls, health services, churches, and community centers.

Because elderly are becoming a bigger portion of the population, more accessible transit service will be a crucial addition to AtB’s high-frequency bus rapid transit.

Upon successful completion of the pilot, AtB plans to expand the service to the general population so that even more people benefit.

It’s the first on-demand transit solution in the greater Trondheim area and will be particularly useful during the winter months when walkability is reduced due to slippery road surfaces.

The new service is optimized to allow efficient rider pooling while prioritizing the most direct routes so that riders get to where they are going in a timely manner.

Rides can either be booked as door-to-stop or stop-to-door through AtB’s dedicated and user-friendly 67pluss app or by phone. This means users can be picked up outside of their homes and dropped off directly at the selected point of interest and vice-versa. Riders can also bring along a friend and receive updates on their ride in real-time through the app.

“This new on-demand transportation service will remove travel barriers and improve the quality of life for the city’s elderly. It will also help us to reduce the number of personal vehicles on the road, which is good for our communities and the environment. It’s a way for AtB to bring much-needed, easy-to-use, and accessible public transit to our city"

says Tom Nørbech, Head of Technology and Mobility Services @ AtB.

AtB launched the service with mini-buses but plans to make the switch to electric vehicles by the winter.

With Spare’s open and data-driven platform, it’s easy for transit agencies to make this kind of change. It can, for example, automatically schedule vehicle charging breaks based on usage and the charging infrastructure in place.

For more information about how Spare enables sustainable on-demand transportation solutions, reach out to us at