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Josh Andrews

As head of product and Spare’s co-founder, Josh is Spare’s technology lead, bringing his forward-thinking vision and experience driving real-word innovation in mobility to the table. Josh holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, where he led a high-skilled team in an attempt to set a sailing world record for an autonomous ocean crossing.

PSTA MOD Access app showing Uber as an option.

Driving Change: Spare's new partnership with Uber

Learn how we're unlocking the potential of existing vehicle fleets and driving the shift towards more sustainable, accessible, and cost-effective transport services. This is the story of innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for a future where every seat counts.

Trip planning with Spare logo

Introducing Spare Platform V2

Today we’re unveiling Spare Platform V2, the next step in the growth of Spare Platform. V2, which was born from our experience operating some of the world’s largest on-demand transit networks, enables the most versatile, interconnected on-demand transit systems available on the market today.

Japanese wood block artwork of railway

Japan: A Transportation Utopia with a Mobility Crisis

In recent surveys from the World Economic Forum, only 26% of municipalities had highly sustainable transit systems. In 2018 this became the driving motivation for Spare to work with cities and bus operators around Japan.