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System Data Processors

This page lists current subprocessors used by Spare. This list is maintained to ensure our customers and users are provided with updated information on third parties that we use to deliver our services.

Data Processors

  • Aiven LTD: Cloud storage management
  • Google LLC (GCP): Cloud computing, storage, and networking; physical security of hardware.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Cloud computing, storage, and networking; physical security of hardware.
  • Intercom: Application utilization tracking.
  • Functional Software, Inc (Sentry): System error logging.
  • Sqreen Inc.: Application security monitoring.
  • Twilio Inc.: Transmission of SMS, phone calls.
  • MessageBird: Transmission of SMS, phone calls.
  • Sendgrid: Transmission of email.
  • Zapier: Custom-built data integrations enabled upon customer request.
  • Dialpad: Transmission and storage of phone calls with riders for customers of Spare Call Center.
  • Slack: Internal workplace communications platform.
  • Intercom: Chat support platform.
  • Freshdesk: Email support platform.

Please note that the Spare system offers many optional integrations. However, in all of these instances, customers “bring their own” account and Spare simply facilitates the linking of the systems. For these integrations, both Spare and the external provider remain independent Data Processors that the Data Controller has configured to share information.

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