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Spare GTFS-Flex Builder

Create and export GTFS-Flex data with the Spare GTFS-Flex Builder, a free tool for transit agencies providing on-demand services.

Why GTFS-Flex?

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Flex extends the capabilities of GTFS Schedules by including flexible transit services, like microtransit and paratransit, which don't follow strict schedules or fixed routes. GTFS-Flex allows agencies to make these services more discoverable and seamlessly integrated into transit apps and planners, enhancing the rider experience.

Make Your Services Shine

Our GTFS-Flex Builder is a user-friendly tool that guides you through creating and exporting GTFS-Flex data with ease. It's designed for agencies of all sizes to promote their on-demand services effectively.

If you're interested in learning more about the GTFS-Flex builder, and how Spare is re-imagining their multimodal & journey planning experience, register for our upcoming Spare Showcase where you'll have the opportunity to engage, learn and share feedback with other likeminded peers in the industry.


What is GTFS-Flex?

GTFS-Flex is a newly established standard for representing flexible on-demand and demand-responsive transportation services in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. It extends the traditional GTFS to accommodate the unique scheduling and routing that these services offer.

How does GTFS-Flex differ from GTFS Schedules?

Unlike GTFS Schedules, which is designed for fixed-route services, GTFS-Flex allows for the representation of transportation services that may not have fixed routes or schedules. This includes on-demand transit services, making it ideal for microtransit and paratransit systems.

Why is GTFS-Flex important for transit agencies?

GTFS-Flex enables transit agencies to integrate flexible, demand-responsive transportation options into mainstream travel planning apps. This visibility can increase ridership, improve service accessibility, and ensure a more inclusive transit network.

What can the Spare GTFS-Flex Builder do?

Our tool helps transit agencies easily create, manage, and export their transportation data in GTFS-Flex format. It supports various types of on-demand transit models and simplifies the process of making your services visible and accessible in popular trip planners.

Is there a cost associated with using this tool?

No, our tool is available for free. You can sign up on this page to gain access and start building your GTFS-Flex data files without any cost.

How secure is my data when using this tool?

Data security is a top priority for us. All data entered into our tool is encrypted using advanced security protocols to ensure that your information is protected against unauthorized access.