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Modern paratransit software that exceeds rider expectations

Future-proof your operations with modern paratransit software that pushes the boundaries of innovation to bring transit equity to all.

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    Modern paratransit software that exceeds rider expectations

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    Increase ridership without increasing the budget

    By taking advantage of commingling, pooling efficiency, predicted demand dispatching and automated trip brokering, you can provide paratransit to more people at a lower total cost.

    Increase ridership 1.0

    Cut costs with automated trip brokering

    No more manual dispatching! Spare Launch connects many fleets together and automatically dispatches trips to dedicated and non-dedicated drivers.

    Automated trip brokering

    An amazing rider experience

    There is no need to call in days in advance with Spare Platform. Trips can be scheduled in advance, or on-demand, resulting in improved efficiency and an incredible rider experience.

    Amazing rider experience

    Share vehicles with other services

    With Spare Fleets, you can use the same vehicle for both microtransit and paratransit at the same time! This helps to maximize efficiency and get rid of idle vehicles.

    Share vehicles with other services

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