Stop Guessing. Start Planning.

Stop depending on gut feeling, and start depending on data. Super-power your transit strategy with the most advanced simulation tool for microtransit.

Without Spare

  • decorative-bulletEducated guesses about the demand for a service
  • decorative-bulletUnderestimated costs that lead to blown budgets
  • decorative-bulletService planning that is done in silos
  • decorative-bulletA plan with little to no confidence

With Spare

  • decorative-bulletA data-driven strategy that is scalable
  • decorative-bulletAn accurate cost model that you can depend on
  • decorative-bulletMulti-modal transportation planning
  • decorative-bulletA detailed action plan that drives buy in

Simulations to support data-driven decisions

Planning a transit service can be difficult. By utilizing simulations, better understand how a system-wide operation will perform in your community.

Know your impact

Understand the effect of a new transportation service on existing routes and ridership.

Discover unmet needs

Uncover transit deserts, underserved communities and more, using detailed supply/demand predictions.

The Spare Data Science team is here to help!

All of our simulations are run by our Spare Data Science team to ensure we’re translating data into actionable insights.

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Spare Realize features


Understand patterns

Understand patterns

Build and predict travel patterns based on comprehensive demand modeling from a myriad of data sources.

Inform city planners

Inform city planners

Help city planners understand the impact that a microtransit service will have on your community by creating detailed simulations with actionable output.

Be prepared & worry free

Be prepared & worry free

Launching a microtransit service comes with risks and uncertainty. Full scale transportation simulations with Spare Realize enable worry free service expansion and launch.