Leverage big data for operational insights

Harness big-data to make informed decisions in how best to operate your microtransit service.

Without Spare

  • decorative-bulletData is outdated by the time it’s collected
  • decorative-bulletRequires developers to create new reports
  • decorative-bulletNo insights, just numbers
  • decorative-bulletGuesses about your rider experience

With Spare

  • decorative-bulletReal-time data is provided at the click of a button
  • decorative-bulletEasily create reports without external help
  • decorative-bulletData-driven insights provided in an instant
  • decorative-bulletTracking the journey, not just the ride

Harness big data

Spare Analyze collects data from many sources and provides meaningful insights in order to ensure you can make data-driven decisions.

Own your data

It’s simple: your service, your data. You own all the data that is generated, from origin to destination.

Make informed decisions

Let data-driven decision be the new normal at your organization by utilizing your own service data.

Respond in Real-Time

Service data is provided in real-time so you can track your service and make adjustments on the fly.

Quantify the value

Easily showcase the value of your microtransit service with stakeholders by utilizing quantitative and qualitative reporting.

Your data, secured

Keeping your data protected is our highest priority. We made our security standards public so you can be confident that you’re data is in good hands.

Read more about security with Spare →

Spare Analyze Features


Have full access to your data

Have full access to your data

Access detailed reporting whenever you like from our analytics dashboard.

Track what’s important to you

Track what’s important to you

Your dashboards are fully customizable so you can track which KPI’s are essential to your organization.

Communicate with visualizations

Communicate with visualizations

Numbers alone are hard to fully understand. Spare Analyze enables you to visualize everything, from heat maps to histograms.

The backbone of your payroll

The backbone of your payroll

Driver payroll is made easy by tracking all driver shift data in an easily downloadable report.