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Experience the power of Open Fleets

Your exclusive offer includes an Open Fleets trial plus 100 Free Lyft Rides. See for yourself how Lyft can enhance your on-demand service offerings.

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How it works

Set up a free account

Get access to the Spare Platform at no cost so you can explore the vast opportunities to increase transit capacity for your on-demand transit service.

Build your on-demand service using Lyft’s network

We’ll help you configure service parameters like set up, wait time and rider eligibility. Then, through Spare Open Fleets, we’ll connect your service to Lyft’s drivers in your community to fulfill the rides.

Provide a ride (or 100!)

It’s on us. Receive 100 free Lyft rides so you can truly experience the rider experience of your new on-demand service.

Curb driver shortages today

Use Spare's innovative Open Fleets technology and non-dedicated fleet partners like Lyft to tackle driver shortages, reduce cost per trip, and introduce an elastic fleet resource supply when needed.

  • Easily manage TNCs through our admin portal, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Comply with FTA regulations concerning non-dedicated service provider (NDSP) usage.
  • Automate trip brokering to dispatch the right type of vehicle for each ride.
  • Keep your passengers informed of TNC trip status and provide exceptional transit service.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spare?

Spare is a mobility operating platform that enables anyone to build and enhance their own on-demand transit service, leveraging technology and non-dedicated (third party) fleets.

What is an open fleet?

Open Fleets is Spare's technology that allows Spare to connect with Non-Dedicated Service Providers (NDSPs) such as TNCs and Taxi companies.

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is eligible for transit agencies and organizations not currently using Spare Open Fleets.

How does the partnership with Lyft work?

Once you create your Spare account, we'll guide you through the process of integrating with Lyft, turning on open fleets, and setting up your trial service.

What do I get with the 100 free rides?

The 100 free rides are for you to experience how to set up and manage a service. You can see first-hand how riders would receive the service, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the process.

What are dedicated and non-dedicated service providers?

Dedicated service providers (DSPs) reflect agency-owned or contracted fleet operators (drivers and vehicles). Non-dedicated service providers (NDSPs) are typically third-party fleet operators such as Transportation Networking Companies like Lyft and Uber. This can also be done by private taxi companies.

Will I be charged any additional fees?

No, Spare will cover the entire cost of the Lyft trips for the duration of the promotion. You will not be billed any fees for your participation!

How does the Lyft promotion abide by FTA rules and regulations?

In order to comply with Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Requirements [outlined by the FTA], you must provide riders with the option to take an FTA-compliant trip. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with Federal Transit Administration requirements.

Where do I find information on Lyft policies?

Please check out the Lyft Help Center for information on Lyft services and policies!

How do I inquire about an issue with a Lyft driver or trip?

Reach out to if you have a significant issue with a Lyft driver or trip. Please note: Spare will do everything to help resolve your driver or trip issue with Lyft but has limited ability to force a resolution with Lyft.

Additional questions?

Please reach out to your Business Development Representative or to Spare Support via to connect with a member of our team - thank you so much! 😊

Explore how Open Fleets can benefit your agency!

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