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Launch a public transit response to COVID-19 with Spare within 48 hours

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    Flatten the curve

    Doing what we do best: moving people from A to B in a safe and efficient way.

    Our goal is to help transit agencies rapidly respond to a fast-changing environment in a way that maximizes the safety of their riders, drivers, and wider communities. In order to do this we have built a rapid response plan that enables a microtransit launch within 48 hours, and a 5 part way to maximize the safety of your transit riders.

    Move people with microtransit

    Transport essential personnel

    Shift away from moving lots of people to selectively moving the right people, by scaling down mass transit and scaling up microtransit.

    Decentralize fixed-route risk

    Launch pandemic-ready transit

    Decentralize the risk of transit and health systems collapsing due to worker absenteeism, because microtransit is more resilient to outages than fixed routes.

    Segment riders

    Segment by risk profile and need

    Reduce the social mixing that exacerbates the spread of the virus and prioritize critical personnel.

    Test Riders

    Rapidly screen and test riders

    Use microtransit to rapidly screen and test riders, and to promote good hygiene and responsible behaviour through educational ‘nudging’.

    Contact tracing

    Built-in contact tracing

    Use in-app technology to implement contact tracing, to better understand the spread of the virus and intervene appropriately when infections are detected.

    Book a call to learn more

    Talk with an expert at Spare to learn about how we can help you launch an emergency-response microtransit service in your city.

    Launch in a day

    Spare has built an emergency rapid-response framework that enables your agency to launch a targeted microtransit program in under 48 hours.

    Launch Calendar

    Prepare for the road ahead

    We've seen that it will take a while for transit ridership to recover. Spare will help you provide a flexible transit option until things are back to normal.

    Fixed route vs on-demand

    We're already doing it

    As of now, Spare has launched 3 systems around the world doing exactly this. To learn more about these systems, watch our micro-webinar.

    Speak to an expert
    Map of customers that Spare is helping with emergency response services
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    Design safer public transit in response to COVID-19

    Read our blog post that breaks down how to design safer public transit in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Move from big busses to small microtransit vehicles