Darian Heim

Darian is responsible for growing Spare’s partnerships in Europe and the Middle East. A part-time lecturer at Spain’s EAE Business School, Darian gained experience in the mobility world as a business development executive in the on-demand sector. He also spent a decade as an intelligence officer with the Swiss Armed Forces. Darian has a PhD in Law from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, was a visiting fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford and speaks seven languages.

Rural communities in the Baltics to benefit from Spare’s on-demand transport planning tools

Together with Stockholm Environment Institute, Spare will provide cost and demand modeling to help determine feasibility of demand-responsive transportation in the region.

Spare launches its first microtransit operation in Germany as vaccination service

The on-demand microtransit service will initially be used to transport elderly residents living in the Mannheim area to COVID-19 vaccination centers before expanding to the general population.

Why Germany’s goal to provide barrier-free transit can unlock its true mobility potential

Microtransit fills in service gaps to remove transit barriers - something Germany aims to do by 2022. But demand-responsive transportation can do more than just solve accessibility issues. It can unlock Germany's true mobility potential and keep public transit relevant in the age of technology.