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Provide on-demand transportation for all

Enhance public transit service with fast, flexible and reliable transportation with Spare's mobility management platform.



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    Deliver personalized rider experience

    Tailor your transit services to meet the needs and expectations of every rider at all times.

    Expand your service coverage

    Spread out service access to serve less-served communities and areas.

    Increase public transit ridership

    Provide fast, reliable and affordable trips so that transit becomes the preferred mode of transport.

    Fill the fixed-route gaps

    Fill in the gaps of your current fixed-route transit system by providing a flexible coverage option for your community.


    Empower riders to book their rides

    Give your riders the flexibility to manage trips on their own through our easy to use apps and web interfaces.

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    Give your dispatchers superpowers

    Get a birds-eye-view of your entire on-demand operation, including trips, fleets, ride schedules and operational metrics important to you — all in a single platform.

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    Delight riders with superior service

    Provide a transportation service your customers will love by picking them up and dropping where and when they want to go, all conveniently using a smartphone.


    Build a truly responsive transit system

    Build, scale and temporarily expand your services in response to fluctuating demand with our real-time and historical data. 

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