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Increase transit capacity without investing in additional vehicles

Spare is the only on-demand transit solution designed to help you manage multiple fleets, regardless of who is operating them – from a single platform.


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    Why use Open Fleets?

    Lowering trip costs

    Eliminate the costs related to buying and operating dedicated fleets. Open Fleets allows you to access the entire fleet network of TNCs or taxis available in your area.

    Increasing transit capacity

    Whether you want to expand service coverage, manage supply during peak time, optimize the usage of your WAV vehicles, or offer same-day paratransit, Open Fleets allows you to optimize for your specific goals.

    Elevating rider experience

    Give your riders the flexibility to book, manage, track, and complete all trips within a single app, whether the trip is fulfilled by your dedicated fleet or non-dedicated vehicles like Lyft.

    By the numbers

    Access a large network of fleets

    Access a large network of fleets

    In North America, 80% of all bookable vehicles are available on Spare through Open Fleets.

    50% less

    Reduces operating costs

    Open Fleets dramatically reduces the operating costs of microtransit and paratransit services. For many agencies this represents greater than 50% in savings.

    200% ridership increase

    Increased rider capacity

    With increased capacity through Spare’s Open Fleets technology, some agencies have seen a 200% increase in ridership.

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    The ridership growth numbers are astronomical, which really underscores the need for accessible transportation in our area. The City of McKinney is always on the lookout for an innovative solution, and the Spare platform certainly fits the brief.

    Akia Pichon

    Transit Administrator, City of McKinney

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