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Grow your operation through data

An analytics suite that empowers you to make data-based decisions in real time.


    Monitoring and scaling

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    Optimize your service

    Monitor the status and performance of your operation in real-time.


    Scale wisely

    Trust in data to determine where and how to expand your offer.


    Fulfill your reporting duties

    Produce pre-defined, government-compliant and customized reports.

    KPI-focused dashboards

    Stay on top of your service with real-time oversight on your operations and events.


    Heatmaps and histograms

    Understand how ridership patterns change over time.


    Reliable real-time reporting

    Generate reports and download detailed datasets of rider and driver behavior.


    A feature-rich suite

    Comprehensive reports

    Download and customize ridership and NTD reports whenever you want.

    Personalized updates

    Send customized digests straight to inbox of anyone in your organization.

    Customizable dashboards

    Build dashboards that display the service metrics most important to you.

    Individual trip data

    Investigate the granular detail of any given trip, including its itinerary and request type.

    Historical data

    Unearth trip-specific information to evaluate complaints or incident reports.

    Data management

    Access Spare’s data through Spare Open API.

    Spare and CapMetro teams on Launch Day

    The collaboration with Spare is reimagining how we serve our ADA paratransit riders. We're proud that this innovation will address the current and future requirements of Austin's paratransit community, laying the groundwork for further enhancements."

    Chad Ballentine

    Former VP of Demand Response and Innovative Mobility, CapMetro

    Chris Mandrell

    Our partnership with Spare has boosted operational metrics like on-time performance by 20% since we switched over from our legacy system while ridership has skyrocketed. The ability to access real-time data on our KPI dashboard, and derive meaningful insights out of the Mission Control module has been game changing for making operational decisions."

    Chris Mandrell

    General Manager, Citibus

    Bonnie Epstein

    Spare represents a leap forward in user experience for PSTA. Its clean design makes it easy and intuitive to use. PSTA staff have full visibility into the live status of nearly all of the trips running, which makes it easy to monitor service and address issues as they arise. The app's introduction gives riders more control and independence over their rides by enabling them to easily plan, book, monitor, and pay for trips within the app. It's these kinds of innovations that truly get us excited.

    Bonnie Epstein

    Director of Mobility Services, PSTA

    Spare’s data security and compliance designations



    A federal statute in the United States that protects patient privacy but allows for the flow of valuable healthcare information between concerned parties.



    An auditing procedure that ensures software providers assure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy of customer data.



    A European Union regulation that requires organizations which collect or process personal information from its residents to obtain their informed consent.

    Schrems II

    Schrems II

    The result of a legal case in the European Union regarding the transfer of personal data outside of the EU that ensures equivalent data protection for the recipient country.

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