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A new way to manage paratransit eligibility

Supercharge your eligibility management process with Spare Engage—centralize, automate, and digitize the process of screening, evaluating, communicating, and processing eligibility applications for your ridership. Say goodbye to paperwork and outdated spreadsheets, and embrace a new era of efficient eligibility management.


    Eligibility management

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    A feature-rich tool

    Unify customer records

    Create one record per rider containing all their information and supporting documentation.

    User communications

    Keep riders up-to-date with automated notifications and timely communications.

    Smart scanning

    Scan paper applications and documents with optical character recognition.

    Rider IDs and groups

    Assign riders to groups based on their characteristics and/or service privileges.

    Application status

    Leave no ambiguity about who is handling an application by assigning tasks.

    Medical verification

    Digitally and securely request verification from medical professionals to move cases along.

    Create rider IDs and groups

    Assign riders to groups based on characteristics, mobility needs or privileges.

    Migrate data in two clicks

    Import and migrate stored data from your old system into Engage.

    Customizable forms

    Streamline ADA paratransit eligibility tasks with easy access to supporting documents.

    Unlock new benefits

    Get sustainable

    Save the environment one eligibility application at a time by transforming paper-filled cabinets into meaningful digital collaboration.

    Maximum flexibility

    Physical or digital letters–no problem. Allow riders to apply for eligibility & receive communications in the channel of their choice.

    Nothing slips through the cracks

    Leave no applicant behind with in-built collaboration tools that reduce human error that comes with manual applications.

    Stay on top of timing

    Leverage in-built timers to manage certification progress and be confident you’re working within federally mandated timing limits.

    Automate everything

    No more inefficiencies & extra efforts–automated workflows, task assignments and notifications enable seamless collaboration.

    Deeply integrated tech stack

    From rider information and trip history to eligibility applications–everything lives in one place, eliminating double data entry.

    Safeguarding rider data from day one

    Unlike our competitors, Spare doesn’t lose any data. Every piece of data is imported, stored, and backed-up automatically on the cloud on our HIPAA-compliant platform.

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    headshot of Noah Berlin

    We’ve seen a lot of time saved using Spares eligibility tool, Engage. It’s much more reliable and makes for a much stronger customer experience. From an operational perspective, we can now see directly in Engage how many days an application has been open, and what the current step is because we're able to update the status. Overall, there have been significant improvements as we've transitioned over to Spare.

    Noah Berlin

    Director of Operations, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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