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Kristoffer Vik Hansen


Kristoffer Vik Hansen

As Spare’s CEO and co-founder, Kristoffer brings considerable knowledge of data-driven mobility platforms as a lead solution architect to the table. A native of Norway, Kristoffer moved to Canada to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2010. Before starting Spare, he co-founded Awake Labs, a wearable technology company committed to improving the lives of individuals with developmental disorders before shifting gears.


What is microtransit?

Learn how microtransit solutions are improving transit access for those living low-density areas or people unable to access stop-based transit.

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Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio

Spare Launches On-Demand Microtransit in Ohio The Western Reserve Transit Authority in Mahoning County, Ohio becomes the latest agency in the United States to join Spare’s growing portfolio of demand-responsive microtransit customers.

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Welcome to our three-part series on how technology can enable better paratransit. In Part 1, we’ll cover how riders can use technology to plan their journey. In parts two and three, we’ll tackle how they can make their journey, including the onboard and post-ride experiences, more delightful.