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Launch pop-up vaccine transit services

How to launch an on-demand transit service in less than 48 hours to make sure everyone gets to their COVID-19 vaccination site.

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    Transporting residents to a vaccination site
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    “No one should miss out on getting the COVID-19 vaccine because they don’t have a safe and affordable way to get to a vaccination center. I’m excited to speak with our panelists about their vaccine transportation programs and to be able to share what they’ve learned in the process.”

    Tanya Castle

    Regional Director of Growth, Spare; Moderator

    Adapt to current demands with a flexible transit system

    A flexible transit system is more vital than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic shining a spotlight on the transportation gap as it relates to healthcare access, learn how to quickly create a popup transportation service that connects people in need to COVID-19 vaccination sites.

    We’ll also share how on-demand transit can be used for a variety of temporary situations, whether they span a day or a few months.

    You’ll hear from two transit agencies that have implemented successful vaccine transportation programs, how they did it and how it’s going.

    Transit planner adding a new service

    Our Panelists

    Quinn Kliman

    Quinn Kliman @ Spare

    In his role as Partner Success Lead, Quinn collaborates with Spare’s partners on a daily basis and maintains an up-to-date knowledge of current transit challenges.

    Kelley Coyner

    Kelley Coyner

    A transportation practitioner and researcher, Kelley advises transit agencies and private businesses on COVID response and recovery. She is a former transit agency head and senior federal and regional emergency management lead in the National Capital Region.

    Julian Schrögel

    Julian Schrögel @ rnv

    Julian is a project manager at rnv in Mannheim, Germany, which recently launched a microtransit service to transport elderly residents to COVID-19 vaccination centres.

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