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Meet the 2022 Co-op Students

At Spare, we value our co-op students and provide them with opportunities to develop their skills with real world experience, an environment in which they can thrive and grow through mentorship support, and the chance to make a tangible impact.

Rebecca Coxson

For students, participating in co-op provides exciting opportunities to explore potential career paths. Our co-op students span across departments including our People Team, Engineering, Marketing, and Data Science, and we strive to set them up for success no matter what path they choose!

What is it like to work for a company that provides a flexible environment and plenty of opportunities for growth and development? Hear it from our latest cohort of co-op students for the 2022 summer and fall semesters.

From left to right: Joe, Ray, Rebecca, Jenna, Braiden and Saudine

Why Spare?

What stands out to me about Spare is the ability to make a positive impact while continuously learning. What Spare represents is powerful: mobility is a fundamental human need, just like food and water; we challenge the existing ways of transportation to seek better ways to move people around, enabling connection and freedom. Knowing that I play a part in making mobility and transportation more accessible, equitable and sustainable is part of what makes Spare so special to work at. In terms of a co-op experience, I am surrounded by change makers in the industry who lift each other up and provide me with invaluable feedback to make me a better marketer. In the few months I have been here, I have leveled up my skill set substantially with opportunities to take initiative and lead projects while having the support of my team.

- Jenna, Marketing Communications (University of Victoria Global Business Co-op)

What stood out to me about Spare was the company's mission and drive to make the world a more equitable, and sustainable place. During my hiring process, I was inspired to hear about all of the motivated individuals who work to make that future a reality. Working at Spare has been a great co-op experience, as I have been able to take ownership of various projects, while being supported by a talented and passionate team. I feel that my time at Spare has given me valuable experience, and allowed for me to explore my interests and develop my skills!

- Rebecca, Employer Branding (UBC Arts Co-op)

How would you describe the culture at Spare?

We have a very inclusive and supportive culture at Spare, I felt really supported by everyone here and everyone is super friendly and willing to help me out when I had any questions or needed help. We also have lots of opportunities for anyone, even co-op students, to take the lead on their own project and anyone is able to make a big difference here.

- Braiden, Software Engineering (Vancouver Island University Computer Science Co-op)

The culture at Spare is amazing. It was one of the reasons I wanted to join the organization in the first place. Our culture is very inclusive, transparent, communicative, and supportive and because of this I feel like I have a safe space to learn and grow in my career. As a co-op student, I really enjoy the fact that I get asked for my opinions, that the people I work with appreciate and acknowledge my work, as well as do their best to provide feedback that is helpful and beneficial to my professional development.

- Saudine, Talent Sourcing (MacEwan University - Human Resources Co-op)

What have you learned in your time at Spare?


Working as a engineering co-op student, I have been exposed to a lot of real world processes, tools, and frameworks that I had no need for in university but are absolutely essential for managing and working in large software projects in the real world with dozens of other engineers. A highlight would be authoring a new microservice as a part of a much larger ongoing project.

- Braiden, Software Engineering (Vancouver Island University Computer Science Co-op)

Spare’s Engineering Team is filled with amazingly talented engineers who are willing to take the time to teach and mentor. I’ve been able to learn a ton just by working on problems together and have gained a ton of valuable insight on best practices and engineering in a professional setting. A highlight has been the level of trust the team has for co-ops, there’s definitely a lot of opportunity to grow in the role!

- Ray, Software Engineer (UBC Science Co-op)

Human Resources

I’ve really gotten to see how HR theories, that I’ve learned in school, are applied in real life. A highlight would be running and owning the entire recruitment process for a job opportunity. It’s exciting to be entrusted with the whole process from start to finish!

- Saudine, Talent Sourcing (MacEwan University - Human Resources Co-op)

Working at Spare has given me the opportunity to explore my different interests within graphic design, HR, marketing and more! A highlight of my experience has been experimenting with my graphic design skills while working on Spare’s social media.

- Rebecca, Employer Branding (UBC Arts Co-op)


The opportunity to work on hands-on projects alongside a bright and passionate Marketing team has resulted in immense learnings in B2B marketing: I’ve learned how to effectively write copy, problem solve and create new processes, highlight customers through case studies and identify co-marketing opportunities. Being surrounded by such strong marketers has allowed me to build my skill set more than any course ever has!

- Jenna, Marketing Communications (University of Victoria Global Business Co-op)

Data Science

The position I have been working in at Spare is multidisciplinary, splitting my time between solving problems using data analytics and improving team efficiency through software! This mix has taught me how to ask questions and how to actively listen in order to successfully implement solutions for the team.

- Joe, Data Analyst (UBC Okanagan Science Co-op)

What advice would you give to an incoming Co-op?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to members of Spare even if they aren’t on your team. The team at Spare is here to help you as you start your journey with the company. Make connections with other departments early on, as many answers to my questions came from individuals not directly involved with Partner Success. It is easy to feel overwhelmed at the start of any new job, as I was when I started. My advice is to take the time to learn the product, involve yourself in other department meetings, and reach out to as many Spartians as you can! Spare is a fun and inclusive environment to work, just keep your energy up and have a good time!

- Joe, Data Analyst (UBC Okanagan Science Co-op)

Ask lots of questions! There’s a lot of intricacy and nuance to our products which can easily become overwhelming, so taking the time to clarify questions you have while starting pays dividends in the future. Everyone I’ve met at Spare has been extremely supportive and there’s clearly been an effort to foster a collaborative and nurturing culture. The biweekly donut meetings are also a great way to meet other Spartians, I’ve had some amazing conversations with people throughout the company!

- Ray, Software Engineer (UBC Science Co-op)

Interested in joining the team at Spare as a co-op student? Keep an eye out for co-op opportunities posted on your schools career board, and on Spare’s Career page!