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Our Promise to Partners

Guaranteed success

Guaranteed success

Spare will lead the project, and guarantee its success from implementation to expansion.

Quick and easy setup

Quick and easy setup

Benefit from technology that allows you to launch and update services on your own timeline.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Rely on weekly check-in meetings and customized support! We're in your corner.

Seamless implementation

Follow your schedule with Spare’s realistic, flexible and tested transition strategy.

Thorough onboarding and system set-up

As you prepare to launch, receive hands-on training and work closely with our team on your service configuration.

In-depth support during service launch—and beyond

Our support doesn’t end with user onboarding. We’re here to work with you on continuously optimizing your service.

We're here for you, whichever way you chose to work with us

White Glove

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our dedicated team will work with you each step of the way to support your success.

Manage it yourself

If you choose to lean into the "self-serve" aspect of our platform, we'll still be here whenever you need us.

Resources to help you hit the ground running

Help center

Our help center covers all the nuts and bolts of using Spare.

Dedicated tools

Our service-planning and operational insight tools are built for your success.

Customer stories

See first-hand how Spare is connecting communities around the world.

Build more efficient mobility services with Spare.