Launch dedicated vaccine transit in days.

With a pop-up microtransit service, you can close the transportation gap and connect people in need to COVID-19 vaccination sites in as little as 48 hours.

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Quickly launch pop-up services

Stay nimble and responsive by scaling specialized medical transportation services on a need-by-need basis. Spare’s software automatically adapts to your evolving reality.

Adjust your service daily

Extend service hours, expand a service area and address the needs of specific rider groups all within minutes. There are no limits to how often you can customize your microtransit with Spare.

Make health and safety a priority

Restrict pooling, communicate safety requirements and hygiene protocols via an app or telephone. Spare allows you to limit your service and provides multiple communication channels to keep riders in the loop.

Get support from an experienced team

Be confident that your vaccination transit service goes off without a hitch. Spare’s team is adept at launching multiple types of microtransit in little time, and is always there to empower partners and share best practices.

Your riders rely on you. Ensure they have the right transit to get to vaccination sites.


Learn how microtransit helps provide access to vaccination sites

Why flexible transportation is key to getting high-risk individuals vaccinated against COVID-19.

Getting people like seniors, low-income earners and those without vehicles to COVID-19 vaccination centers safely and efficiently is a major challenge in many places. Here’s how on-demand transit can help.

Vax Transit: Free Rides for COVID-19 Vaccine

Driving-reliant vaccine sites further harm communities of color hit hardest by the pandemic. Public transit can fix that.

Spare launches its first microtransit operation in Germany as vaccination service

The on-demand microtransit service will initially be used to transport elderly residents living in the Mannheim area to COVID-19 vaccination centers before expanding to the general population.