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Scale your business

Build and expand your ride sharing venture with Spare’s intuitive mobility management platform and a multi-channel rider experience.

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    Stand out from the crowd

    Grow a loyal ridership with a fast go-to-market platform that allows you to offer bespoke services and remain competitive at the same time.

    Turn a profit

    Maximize your margins by consolidating pooled rides with delivery services and using commingled fleets.

    Build a strong team

    Recruit the best drivers and other frontline staff by implementing intuitive tools like apps that make for seamless workdays and are ready to use out of the box.

    Configurable apps and services

    Hone in on what your riders want and need by tailoring your offers exactly as you see fit.

    Mobile Apps

    Revenue-maximizing features

    Leverage innovations like ride-on-ride, commingling and pooling to get the most trips out of your ride sharing service

    Happy riders

    Easy implementation

    Build the service you want, implement it without additional code and get riders on to your vehicles ASAP.


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