Data-Driven Transit Planning

Mobility solutions are complex as each community has its own infrastructure, movement patterns, and transportation system. Using data-driven decisions making is the best way to plan and improve your service.

Powering the world’s leading transportation companies and transit agencies

Simulate an on-demand transit fleet at the click of a button

Planning a transit service can be difficult. By utilizing simulations, better understand how a system-wide operation will perform in your community.

Harness big data

Spare Analyze collects data from many sources and provides meaningful insights in order to ensure you can make data-driven decisions.

Visualize ridership with heat maps and histograms

Clear visualizations help you understand how riders are utilizing your services, both fixed route and on-demand microtransit, making it easy to communicate valuable data.

Discover unmet needs

Uncover transit deserts, underserved communities, and more using detailed supply/demand predictions.

Know your impact

Understand the effect of a new transportation service on existing routes and ridership.

The Spare Data Science team is here to help!

All of our simulations are run by our Spare Data Science team to ensure we’re translating data into actionable insights.

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Customer Stories

Learn how we're impacting communities around the world.

Simulating the potential of microtransit in Metro Detroit

Smart Detroit evaluates the feasibility of microtransit in southeast Michigan to identify the most optimal structure for four new on-demand zones.

Using transit simulations to optimize a subsidized taxi service

Collin Country Transit simulated the use of microtransit to connect riders in rural and suburban areas to the Dallas metropolitan zone.