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Spare Interview: Spare CTO Alexey Indeev explains how and why Spare became fully SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant

We’re certified! Spare becomes the first on-demand transit software provider to be fully SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant. Spare CTO Alexey Indeev explains how and why we took this step.

How to scale a microtransit pilot

While you can learn lots from a short-term microtransit project, scaling this type of service beyond the pilot’s parameters can feel daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ways you can grow the micro version of your microtransit.

What is ride hailing?

Ride hailing is when a person uses an app to “hail” or request a local driver to pick them up and take them directly to a specific location.

Customer Stories

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Towards automated paratransit and microtransit in Cheyenne

Cheyenne Transit Program implemented automated commingled microtransit and paratransit.

Replacing fixed-route with microtransit in Medicine Hat

MHT provides Medicine Hat residents with a cost-effective and scalable microtransit solution to replace inefficient evening fixed-route service.

Transforming microtransit in Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transit runs world-class on-demand microtransit to provide first-and-last mile options across a massive urban area.