Simulations for strategic insights

Gain insight into how a new transportation option would benefit your community, all based on big-data.

Detailed Transit Simulations

By running various simulations Spare Realize will provide insights into how different vehicle and zone size configurations will affect key service metrics such as max wait times, pooling ratio, and passengers per vehicle hour.

Connections to fixed-routes

Plan how microtransit and fixed-route connections complement each other and support your entire multi-modal ecosystem.

Get a picture of your total cost

Build a cost model by understanding appropriate vehicle size, vehicle hours, service configuration, and how many vehicles are necessary for your operations.

Understand your operations vehicle needs

Simulate a new microtransit service and learn how it will affect your riders and existing transit network.

Predict the “where” and the “when” of transit usage

Spare Realize will build a predicted origin-destination model of your service area based on a myriad of data sources. From this, learn about where people will use your service, before it is in operation.

Additional Features

Heat maps

Heat maps

Detailed heat maps and origin-destination visualizations provide pickup and dropoff hot spots for a service area.

Instant modeling

Instant modeling

Create “what if” scenarios and get instant feedback to understand service impacts.

Rider experience analytics

Rider experience analytics

Optimize the rider experience by analyzing data before you launch.